Fiberglass Push-Up Masts

Heavy duty fiberglass push-up masts with convenient thumb clamps

Why choose a fiberglass mast over other materials?

Fiberglass Tube & Rod Features

Corrosion Resistant Fiberglass 125x125 - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

1. UV & Corrosion Resistant

– Resists harmful UV rays which may damage other products (We use a high percentage of UV inhibitor with our isopthalic polyester resins.)
– Made of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), our tubes are highly resistive to many common solvents, acids, and environments (salt spray, deserts, arctic)

Fiberglass Flexibility 125x125 - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.
2. Flexible & High Strength

– In high wind, our pultruded fiberglass will flex without cracking.

– Hundreds of strands of glass fibers combine with resin to form a superior and longer lasting product.

Electricly non-conductive2 125x125 - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

3. Electrically Non-Conductive

– Electrically non conductive material that is perfect in sensitive applications

We use “E-Glass” in our tubes and rods … (best electrical properties)

RF Transparent 125x125 - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

4. RF and EM Transparent

– Fiberglass is used in more antenna manufacturing than any other manufacturer as it exhibits excellent properties at radio frequencies.

– Fiberglass is electromagnetically transparent allowing use around and in electromagnetically sensitive applications.

– Fiberglass is perfect for, but not limited to: broadcasting, cellular, radio, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Max applications.

Fiberglass Colors 125x125 - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.
5. Variety with Consistency

– Innovative material allows you to manipulate it in many ways to fit your purpose and need.

– Rainbow of colors available in quantity Inquire

Fiberglass Cutting Tools 125x125 - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

6. Easily Fabricated and Easy to Install

– Fiberglass (FRP) is easily fabricated using proper tools with carbide, diamond, fine toothed, or abrasive tip blades.

– Fiberglass (FRP) is a lighter weight material allowing for ease of installation and less risk of injury or fatigue.

Fiberglass Tube and Rod Made in the USA 125x125 - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.
7. Highest Quality manufactured in the U.S.A.

– 25+ years of providing the highest quality product made in the U.S.A.

– Competitive pricing with many options available Inquire


Telescoping Masts

Announcing Max-Gain Systems, Inc.’s line of heavy duty (1/8 inch thick wall on all tubes … not the thin walled “glorified fishing poles” sold by some) … fiberglass push-up masts! Max-Gain System’s fiberglass telescopic masts provide the perfect platform to raise a multitude of different types of antenna to the required height. They are commonly used for mobile, temporary or even semi-permanent deployment of equipment.

We currently offer eleven versions of our mast kits, from our 50 foot (maximum extended length) model MK-8-HD, to our “most popular” (and our staff’s favorite) model MK-6-HD, to our 10.6 foot model MK-2-Standard. Between these models, we offer a wide range of sizes and combinations ideal for a great many uses! These packages each contain the fiberglass tubes (MK-8 series has 8 foot long tubes, MK-6 series has 6 foot long tubes, MK-4 series has 4 foot long tubes, and MK-2 series has 2 foot long tubes) plus all sizes of our Quik-Clamps needed for your model, at a package discount price. (Guy rings and guy rope sold separately.) We also offer our 8 and 4 foot lengths of fiberglass tube “by-the-piece”, and sell our Quik-Clamps individually, so you can create your own custom mast, perfect for your particular use!

We offer two options on material for the special screws used in our Quik-Clamps with your choice of material supplied at same cost. Note that the stainless screws are “standard equipment,” and are supplied with your clamps unless you state a preference for the non-metallic, glass-filled adjustment screws as a no-cost option. See the advantages of each material.

Screw Type (what does this refer to?)

The “Screw Type” refers to the tension adjusting screws that are in each of  the “Quik-Clamps” that are used in all of our masts.  These screws are used to set a constant initial point of tightness from which the thumb levers, when pushed downward, cause the clamping ears of the mast clamps to compress further, locking the tubes in a fixed position. You initially adjust these screws to set the initial clamp tightness to the point where there is some drag on the inside tube as you push it up to extend it, but not so much drag that pushing the inner tube up is overly difficult.

The standard stainless steel screws should always be used unless the installation will be subject to direct salt spray (such as on a beach) or it would be in an extremely highly magnetic environment, like a medical MRI would generate.  Other than that, go stainless!  Stainless is MUCH tougher, longer lasting, and more resistant to wear or damage than the glass filled.

Reviews on

MK-8 Series 50FT Mast

Compatible with 1/4 x 20 female threaded phone camera

K5ND ARRL contest rig Drive On Mount and Heavy Duty Mast

MK-8 Series 50FT Mast

NameMaximum Usable LengthLength When SleevedMinimum Overlap of TubesLength of TubesOuter Diameter of Bottom SectionOuter Diameter of Top SectionNumber of SectionsWeight (lb)PriceBuy

Want to see how easy it is to assemble? Download our assembly and use guide.

Assembly and Use Guide


Steel Mounts (Both Mobile and Permanent)


Guy Rings by the Set

Save money by purchasing one of our recommended sets.

ImageNameProduct Table DescriptionPriceBuy

Guy Rope

Black Dacron, double weave, stretch resistant, highly UV resistant rope. Note: 1 hank of 200 feet will guy the top guy ring of a MK-8-HD if using 3 point guying.

ImageNameProduct Table DescriptionPriceBuy

Guying Rope Tensioners

These Rope Line Tensioners are the perfect solution for quickly guying your mast or easily putting up your wire antennas, such as dipoles. Frequently called Rope Line Tighteners these are great for mobile/quick installations and for permanent setups.


Stainless Steel Pulley

ImageNameProduct Table DescriptionPriceBuy

Ceramic “Dogbone” Strain Insulator


Custom Mast Configurations and Replacement Parts

Depending on the height and load bearing capability you are trying to achieve, you can order this system “by the piece.” (Fiberglass is sold “by the piece” in 8ft. or 4 foot lengths only.) Please see our fiberglass individual piece pricing. 

For example: If you needed 22ft. with high load bearing capability you could order the 2.5″ tube, 2.25″ tube, 2″ tube and the 2 corresponding “Quik-Clamps,” the stock numbers MC-2.5 and MC-2.25, to achieve the desired height.

If you needed a 22ft., light, highly portable system to hold up light things, you could use the 1 1/4″ tube, 1″ tube, 3/4″ tube, and the 2 corresponding “Quik-Clamps,” the models MC-1.25 and the MC-1. This selection would allow some flexibility at the top while being light and easily movable.

Please note: Our “Quik-Clamp” stock numbers are based on the LARGER of the two associated tube sizes. For example, if you want the clamp that sits on a 1″ OD tube and accepts a 3/4″ OD tube internally, order the MC-1 size. If you want the clamp that sits on the 1.25″ OD tube and accepts internally the 1″ OD tube size, order the MC-1.25 size.


Each “Quik-Clamp” includes one stainless screw unless noted upon ordering that you would like a glass filled fiber screw.


Replacement Screws and Levers


Guy Rings by the Piece

We now have custom made guy rings, manufactured specifically for our mast systems! These guy rings are machined from mineral-filled acrylic, a material which is non-metallic, non inductive, non-conductive, impervious to UV, and very strong. We have seven sizes available, each made to fit perfectly over our fiberglass tubes of the same size. They will not scar the fiberglass surface. They slip freely on the fiberglass tubes, and rest on top of the “Quik-Clamp” below. (For example, the 3/4 inch size fits on our 3/4 inch OD tube, and will rest on top of our MC-1 Quik-Clamp, which is installed at the top end of the 1 inch OD tube.) Each guy ring has 5 drilled and counter-sunk holes for your guy rope, allowing you to select either 3 point OR 4 point guying! The counter-sunk holes will not cut guy ropes with sharp edges. Smaller two sizes accept guy rope diameter of 3/16 inch maximum. Larger four sizes accept guy rope diameter of ¼ inch maximum. Colors vary. (Our selection.)


MK-8 Series 50FT Mast

Customer Mounting Solution

Shown is one of our masts ground-mounted using a piece of heavy angle iron, frequently available cheaply from your local scrap metal yard.  Figure a couple of feet of length to go in the ground, and additional length equal to the length of the bottom tube of your model of mast.  The angle iron should be of at least ¼ inch thick metal (3/8” thick is even better) and about 2 inches on each side of center.

Note that the base of the mast is held at least two inches off the ground to keep dirt and water out of the bottom of the tubes. The base section of the mast is held in place by 4 or more all stainless steel screw-type hose clamps. Just snug the clamps up well … do not over-tighten.

This mount is cheap, easy to use, strong, and long-lasting!


MFJ / Hy-Gain, of Starkville, MS has several tripod mounts that may be applicable to your needs, the latest of which is a large model which can accommodate the 2.5″ OD tube of the base section of our “HD” masts. NOTE: Guying may still be required, depending on the mast model, height, and antenna load.

The latest, largest MFJ tripod is the model MFJ-1921, which is available from:

Ham World, Inc.
Talladega, Alabama
1-800-735-5363 or 256-315-5000
[email protected]

Pricing is in the $170.00 range. Several options are available for this tripod.  (Ask the staff for suggestions for accessories you might need, such as the anchor foot braces, MFJ part number MFJ-1905.)

Flagpole Buddy

This company sells a mount that may be of use to our RV enthusiast customers. See how, here: additional-push-up-mast-photo-2.htm

Other Sources

Another possible source for mounts (and even custom metal mounts) is Penninger Radio. They should be able to supply most anything you might require. They do beautiful, quality work in our opinion. Visit their website and be sure to mention the Max-Gain Systems mast type you are getting so that they can suggest appropriate accessories.

If you prefer to make your own, many customers have fabricated nicely made bases themselves. The best we have seen is by Ray Jurgens, KQ6RH, a retired NASA scientist and antenna designer, and proprietor of the “Antenna Magic” page. Assembly Instructions for 8′ Quadra Pod Base.