F-type RF Adapters

F-type Connections

F-type connectors are a threaded, tight locking, subminiature connector. The F-type connector’s threads insure a perfect connection allowing use at higher frequencies. ~18 GHz

F-type Male F-type Plug
F-type Male (Plug)
F-type Female F-type Jack
F-type Female (Jack)

F-type Male Adapters

F-male / F-female Adapter, Right Angle (P/N: 7225-RA)
7225-RAF-male / F-female, Right Angle$3.00
f-2 f-female f-malein-series right-angle
F-male / F-female Adapter, Quick Connect (P/N: 7230-QC)
7230-QCF-male / F-female, Quick Connect$1.50
f-2 f-femalein-series quick-connect
F-male / F-male Adapter (P/N: 7234)
7234F-male / F-male$2.00
f-2 f-malein-series
N-male / F-male Adapter (P/N: 7237)
7237*F-male / N-male$4.00
n-2 n-malebetween-series
BNC-female / F-male Adapter (P/N: 7243)
7243*F-male / BNC-female$3.00
bnc-2 bnc-femalebetween-series
N-female / F-male Adapter (P/N: 7244)
7244*F-male / N-female$4.00
n-2 n-femalebetween-series
BNC-male / F-male Adapter (P/N: 7247)
7247*F-male / BNC-male$4.00
bnc-2 bnc-malebetween-series
UHF-female / F-male Adapter (P/N: 7248)
7248*F-male / UHF-female$3.00
uhf-2 uhf-femalebetween-series
F-male / RCA-female Adapter (P/N: 7258)
7258F-male / RCA-female$2.00
rca-2 rca-femalebetween-series
7973*F-male / PAL-female$2.00
pal-2 pal-femalebetween-series
8522*F-male / RP-SMA-female Coaxial Adapter Connector, RP-SMA female to F male$4.00
rp-sma-2 rp-sma-femalebetween-series reverse-polarity

F-type Female Adapters

BNC-male / F-female Adapter (P/N: 7050)
7050*F-female / BNC-male$3.00
bnc-2 bnc-malebetween-series
BNC-female / F-female Adapter (P/N: 7066)
7066*F-female / BNC-female$2.00
bnc-2 bnc-femalebetween-series
F-Female / F-Female (1.75” bulkhead) (P/N: 7218-B-175)
7218-B-175F-female / F-female (bulkhead type, 1.75″ long)$4.00
f-2 f-female
F-female / F-female Adapter (P/N: 7222)
7222F-female / F-female$0.50
f-2 f-femalebarrel bulkhead in-series
F-male / F-female Adapter, Right Angle (P/N: 7225-RA)
7225-RA*F-female / F-male, Right Angle$3.00
f-2 f-malein-series right-angle
F-male / F-female Adapter, Quick Connect (P/N: 7230-QC)
7230-QC*F-female / F-male, Quick Connect$1.50
f-2 f-malein-series quick-connect
F-female / SMB-female Adapter (P/N: 7241)
7241F-female / SMB-female$4.00
smb-2 smb-femalebetween-series
F-female / SMB-male Adapter (P/N: 7242)
7242F-female / SMB-male$5.00
smb-2 smb-malebetween-series
N-female / F-female Adapter (P/N: 7245)
7245*F-female / N-female$4.00
n-2 n-femalebetween-series
UHF-female / F-female Adapter (P/N: 7253)
7253*F-female / UHF-female$4.00
uhf-2 uhf-femalebetween-series
F-female / 3.5 MM-male Adapter (P/N: 7254)
7254F female / 3.5 mm male$2.00
3-5-mm-2 3-5-mm-malebetween-series
RCA-male / F-female Adapter (P/N: 7260)
7260*F-female / RCA-male$1.00
rca-2 rca-malebetween-series
F-female / RCA-male Adapter, Right Angle (P/N: 7270-RA)
7270-RAF-female / RCA-male, Right Angle$5.00
rca-2 rca-malebetween-series right-angle
SMA-male / F-female Adapter (P/N: 7291)
7291*F-female / SMA-male$4.00
sma-2 sma-malebetween-series
N-male / F-female Adapter (P/N: 7325)
7325*F-female / N-male$4.00
n-2 n-malebetween-series
F-female / TNC-male Adapter (P/N: 7439)
7439F-female / TNC-male$3.00
tnc-2 tnc-malebetween-series
F-female / TNC-female Adapter (P/N: 7461)
7461F-female / TNC-female$2.00
tnc-2 tnc-femalebetween-series
UHF-male / F-female Adapter (P/N: 7520)
7520*F-female / UHF-male$4.00
uhf-2 uhf-malebetween-series
7971*F-female / PAL-male$2.00
pal-2 pal-malebetween-series
8524*F-female / RP-SMA-male Coaxial Adapter Connector, RP-SMA male to F female$6.00
rp-sma-2 rp-sma-malebetween-series reverse-polarity