Ground Base Mast Mount Kit


Everything you need to mount your mast wherever you are and wherever you go! This set allows for use as a Ground mount OR a Drive-On mount!

Select the mast series you are trying to mount.
(STD for 2″ OD Masts / Poles)
(HD for 2.5″ OD Masts / Poles)
(EXT for 2.5″ OD Extend Masts)

Select if you would like the optional “Ease-of-Use” Tilt Mechanism:

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Ground Base Mast Mount Kit

They are finally here! Our customer’s have been asking for mounting systems for our Masts for years. After going through many different designs we have developed the most capable mounting system for use with our Masts. These Ground Base Mast Mount Kits include all you would need to mount your mast in any open area or next to any structure. The optional Tilt mechanism allows for the mast to be tilted over, to rest on something, so you can easily work on the top of your mast without the need for a step ladder.


Support Tube Polymer “Anti-Friction” Bearing – Polymer low friction bearing on an internal shelf allows for hand rotation of your mast when support tube clamp is loosened

Support Tube Coax / Cable Port – Port, located at the base of the support tubes, allows for Coax and Cables to be fed up through the mast protecting the Coax or Cable and allowing for a very clean looking install

Support Tube and Tilt Mechanism – Precision welds and made from as few pieces as possible to increase strength and durability

Hitch Bar Cross Drilled – These hitch bars are cross drilled, where the hitch bar attaches to the trailer hitch, allowing for rotation of the entire mount assembly for storage to get it out of the way when you are not currently using it

Steel Construction – These tubes being made from steel makes for no weak points allowing for additional strength

Laser Cut Slots and Holes – Precision laser cut holes for easy hardware insertion and a perfectly smooth base

Powder Coating – Expertly applied powder coating for maximum durability, life span, and a perfectly smooth finish

Stainless Steel Hardware – All hardware is stainless steel for longevity


The Ground Base Mount uses the following components:

1x Mast Support Tube
1x Tilt Mechanism (optional)
1x 10″ x 22″ Base Plate
4x 3/8″ Stainless Steel Bolts (4x are needed if using the optional Tilt Mechanism, 2x if used with no Tilt Mechanism)

Step 1

(If you did not select the tilt mechanism option, proceed to Step 2)

Attach the Tilt mechanism to the Base Plate. Use the holes in the base plate that are located at one end of the 10″ x 22″ base plate.

M-TILT Mast Mount Tilt Mechanism
M-P1022 Ground Plate mounting holes to use - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

Step 2

(With Tilt Mechanism)

Attach the Support Tube to the Tilt Mechanism. Be sure to point the “coax port” on the base of the support tube in the same direction as the T-Bolt of the Tilt Mechanism.Ground Base Mast Mount Tilt Assembled - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

(Without Tilt Mechanism)

Attach the Support Tube to the Base plate. Ground Base Mast Mount Assembled - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

Step 3

Fully assembled Ground Base Mast Mount

(With Tilt Mechanism)

Ground Base Mast Mount Kit with Tilt Mechanism fully assembled - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

(Without Tilt Mechanism)

Ground Base Mast Mount Kit fully assembled - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

Additional information

Shipping Weight N/A
Shipping Dimensions N/A
Mast Kit Series

Standard (STD), Ultra Heavy Duty (UHD), Heavy Duty (HD), Heavy Duty Extend (EXT)

Ease-of-Use Tilt?

No, Yes


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