C-type RF Adapters

C-type Connections

C-type connectors use 2x stud, bayonet type, twist locking mechanism. C-type connectors are a larger version of the BNC, but much more durable and are used in applications ~11GHz. Note: C connectors are also known as “big BNC”

C-type Male C-type Plug
C-type Male (Plug)
C-type Female C-type Jack
C-type Female (Jack)

C Male Adapters

8301*C-male / N-female, silver / Teflon$9.00
n-2 n-femalebetween-series
BNC-female / C-male Adapter (P/N: 8305)
8305*C-male / BNC-female$11.00
bnc-2 bnc-femalebetween-series