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How to repair a Tent Pole

In this article we will be going in depth repairing a tent pole. There are many ways to accomplish this, but we will be using simple materials to repair it right. Using the right materials, and when you really need it, the tent won't come collapsing down … Read On ›

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How to mount Starlink on a mast

Starlink requires a clear view of the sky in a wide arc to have an uninterrupted satellite signal. Many homes, campsites and workplaces don't have an easily accessible location to mount a Starlink dish with this wide arc of unobstructed sky. Scenarios like this are where a … Read On ›

All about Helium Mining Antennas

Choosing the right antenna for helium mining is an important topic. There is a lot of confusion out there on YouTube, Reddit, and other forums when it comes to antennas for helium miners. We have been asked countless questions including: What is the best helium antenna, what … Read On ›


These photos were furnished courtesy of the Georgia Department of Natural resources in Calhoun, GA. The DNR uses our custom mast configurations on their electrofishing boats with EXCELLENT results! Our tubes are very strong and durable (in this super-abusive service) and VERY reasonably priced! Our custom configurations … Read On ›

Vacuum Capacitors

Vacuum capacitors are used in a wide variety of applications that require the generation and management of high power radio frequency energy. The vacuum capacitor is extremely stable in electrical characteristics, has extremely low internal dissipation factor (loss) and withstands electrical overloads, such as lightning, with less … Read On ›

Push Up Fiberglass Mast Assembly

One of our users has made an excellent YouTube video, illustrating components and partial assembly of one of our mast systems. Check out this video for good ideas and illustrations of the ease of preparation! Preparing the Max Gain Systems MK-8-HD mast sections for install. Covers the mast … Read On ›