Harvester Beater Bars

In this article we will be going in depth about harvester beater bars. Beater bars are used by a mechanical harvester to vibrate against a plant to extract the fruit or nuts from bush, vine, or tree. Each harvester uses hundreds of these rotating and vibrating around a drum. These bars can ware out over seasons of use and may need replacing.

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Fiberglass Round Solid Rod

We sell a wide variety of diameters and lengths of fiberglass rod. From as small as 5/64″ and up to 1.5″ in outer diameters. With many sizes to choose from, and the capacity to keep you stocked, you can replace one bar, the bars on the entire machine or an entire fleet of machines.

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Fiberglass Tube and Rod

Raspberry harvester with beater bars doing work - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

How to select the right size bar

Remove the bar to be replaced. Measure the outer diameter of the rod with a micrometer. Do not measure it by sight alone or you could order the wrong diameter. Once you have the outer diameter of the rod, measure the length of the rod. You want to purchase a rod that is just longer than the rod you need to replace OR that would provide you the best yield when cut. We stock our rods in as long as 93 inch pieces, 46.5 inch pieces and 23.25 inch pieces. The reason behind this are the changes to the maximum shipped lengths by shipping carriers. We can ship a 93 inch piece for about 1/5th the price of shipping a 96 inch piece. This saves TREMENDOUSLY on shipping. We can ship a lot of rods in one box and the price to ship one long box with one piece or twenty pieces in it does not change much. If you see that you might need more in the near future, maximumize your shipping by ordering more rods at one time which also gets you quantity discounts on the rods as well.

Cutting to length

When you receive the rods, cutting them to length is easy. Using a fine toothed hacksaw or abrasive cutting wheel (NOT a toothed circular blade) on a mitre saw or hand saw to cut the rods is the most simple way. If you are using the fine toothed hacksaw, half way through the rod, rotate the rod so that you do not “punch through” the back of the rod and splinter it.

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Install your beater bars

Once they are cut to length the rods are ready to be installed.

More tips!

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