Painter’s Pole and Extension Pole Products

Make your own Painter’s Poles

Painter's Pole Display

Fiberglass painter’s poles with threaded tip (sold separately).

Why use Max-Gain Systems pultruded fiberglass tube and rod over other materials?

1. Telescoping Fiberglass

Max-Gain Systems round fiberglass tube and rod is designed to be able to sleeve with close tolerances.

2. UV & Corrosion Resistant

Resists harmful UV rays which may damage other products. (We use a high percentage of UV inhibitor with our isopthalic polyester resins.) Made of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, our tube and rod is highly resistive to many common solvents, acids, and environments.

3. Flexible & High Strength

In high wind, our pultruded fiberglass will flex without cracking. Hundreds of strands of glass fibers combine with resin to form a superior and longer lasting product.

4. Electrically Non-Conductive

Electrically non conductive material that is perfect in sensitive applications. We use "E-Glass" in our tubes and rods (best electrical properties).

5. RF and EM Transparent

Max-Gain Systems fiberglass is used in more antenna manufacturing than any other manufacturer as it exhibits excellent properties at radio frequencies. Max-Gain Systems fiberglass is electromagnetically transparent allowing use around and in electromagnetically sensitive applications. Max-Gain Systems fiberglass is perfect for, but not limited to: cellular, radio, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Max applications.

6. Variety with Consistency

Innovative material allows you to manipulate it in many ways to fit your purpose and need. Rainbow of colors available in quantity. Please inquire.

7. Easily Fabricated and Easy to Install

Max-Gain Systems fiberglass is easily fabricated using proper tools with carbide, diamond, or abrasive tip blades. Max-Gain Systems fiberglass is a lighter weight material allowing for ease of installation and less risk of injury or fatigue.

8. Highest Quality manufactured in the U.S.A.

  • 20+ years of providing the highest quality product made in the U.S.A.
  • Competitive pricing with many options available.
  • No order minimums!
  • Many orders ship within 24 hours!
  • Single piece retail pricing below. Big Savings in increasing quantity. Wholesale fiberglass tube and wholesale fiberglass rod available! If you require large quantities, special pricing applies. Please inquire.

Painter’s Pole and Extension Pole Products

Key Features:

  • Lighter, stronger, more durable.
  • Adjustable to any length, just flip the lever forward, extend to desired length, and flip the lever back to lock the pole in position.
  • Positive lock prevents movement or rotation and is adjustable for tension.
  • Universal threaded nylon tip for maximum strength. (sold separately and available in many different configurations).
  • Patented Cam-Lock tips securely hold roller to prevent loosening (sold separately).
  • Available in 2-section or 3-section configuration.
  • 3-section poles offer compact storage sizes yet longer length than comparable 2-section poles.
  • 3-section poles are stiffer than regular 2-section poles so you can apply more roller pressure with less “bounce”.
  • Lighter weight, easier to use.
  • No sloppy joints.
  • Sold as “KITS” to allow for the ability to add sections if you choose.

Please note: If you need something longer or stronger than the painter’s poles shown on this page, but of similar construction, please be certain to check out our Fiberglass Push-Up Mast page! Our push-up masts are used primarily for antenna support, flag support, camera support, and meterological instrument support, but may be just what you are looking for if our painter’s poles are not quite “enough” for your use.

2-Piece Painter Poles

2-Piece Painter Poles

NameMaximum Usable LengthLength When SleevedMinimum Overlap of TubesLength of TubesOuter Diameter of Bottom SectionOuter Diameter of Top SectionNumber of SectionsWeight (lb)PriceBuy
2-Piece, 8-Foot Sectioned Painter Poles15 feet 1 inch8 feet 3 inches12 inches8 feet1.25 inch1 inch24.3 Lbs$36.45
2-Piece, 6-Foot Sectioned Painter Poles11 feet 5 inches6 feet 3 inches8 inches6 feet1.25 inch1 inch23 Lbs$32.95
2-Piece, 4-Foot Sectioned Painter Poles7 feet 7 inches4 feet 3 inches6 inches4 feet1.25 inch1 inch22.3 Lbs$24.95
2-Piece, 2-Foot Sectioned Painter Poles3 feet 8 inches2 feet 3 inches4.5 inches2 feet1.25 inch1 inch21.3 Lbs$19.45

3-Piece Painter Poles

3-Piece Painter Poles

NameMaximum Usable LengthLength When SleevedMinimum Overlap of TubesLength of TubesOuter Diameter of Bottom SectionOuter Diameter of Top SectionNumber of SectionsWeight (lb)PriceBuy
3-Piece, 8-Foot Sectioned Painter Poles22 feet 1 inch8 feet 6 inches12 inches8 feet1.50 inches1 inch37.5 Lbs$69.75
3-Piece, 6-Foot Sectioned Painter Poles16 feet 10 inches6 feet 6 inches8 inches6 feet1.50 inches1 inch35.3 Lbs$56.95
3-Piece, 4-Foot Sectioned Painter Poles11 feet 3 inches4 feet 6 inches6 inches4 feet1.50 inches1 inch33.8 Lbs$47.75
3-Piece, 2-Foot Sectioned Painter Poles5 feet 7 inches2 feet 7 inches4.5 inches2 feet1.50 inches1 inch32.1 Lbs$36.45

Want to see how easy it is to assemble? View our Assembly and Use Guide

List of applications includes but not limited to:

  • Rolling
  • Brush Painting
  • High Spray Painting
  • Push-pole
  • Hook-pole
  • Boat Hook
  • Sweeping
  • Mopping
  • Scrubbing Brushing
  • Squeegee
  • Aerial Photography
  • Feather Dusters
  • Wool/Microfiber Dusters
  • Fan Dusters
  • Light Bulb Changing
  • Letter Changing

Threaded Tips for Attachments and Extensions

Introducing patented Cam-LockT threaded tips

These tips are standard painter’s pole thread with a patented twist. The thread is tapered toward the base. Being tapered allows your attachments to lock in place allowing you the peace of mind that your attachment will not begin to unscrew and fall off.

Make your own Extension Poles

Max-Gain Systems Extension Poles

Make your own extension poles using any length of 1 inch tube with a male threaded tip and a female threaded coupler

Make your own Painter’s Poles

Max-Gain Systems Painter's Poles

Fiberglass painter’s poles with threaded tip (sold separately).

Painter’s Pole Male Couplers

ImageNameDescriptionInner DiameterPriceBuy
Painter's Pole Attachment
Painter's Pole AttachmentCam-Lock, 3/4″-5 Acme male threaded tip used to make short/light duty extensions when a little extra length is needed., $2.95$9.95

Painter’s Pole Female Couplers

ImageNameDescriptionInner DiameterPriceBuy
Painter's Pole Coupling
Painter's Pole Coupling3/4″-5 Acme female threaded coupling used to make short/light duty extensions when a little extra length is needed., $4.95

Camera Adapter

Camera Mounts
Camera MountsOur Stainless Steel camera mount is the perfect solution to get the shot you want and have the confidence that your equipment is safe while elevated. This Stainless Steel camera mount has a 1/4 x 20 male threaded stud coming out of the top and the Stainless Steel base of the camera mount needs to be glued onto the pole that it is to be utilized on. We recommend JB-Weld, 2 part epoxy, “Original Cold Weld Formula” adhesive to apply this camera mount onto your pole. Simply spread your adhesive around the outside of the tube and slip on the …$29.95$39.95


3-Piece Painter’s Poles are compatible with 1-1/2″ ID Clips and 2-Piece Painter’s Poles are compatible with 1-1/4″ ID Clips
Storage Clips for Fiberglass Round Solid Rods and Tubes
Storage Clips for Fiberglass Round Solid Rods and Tubes$2.95

Replacement Parts


Each “Quik-Clamp” includes one stainless screw unless noted upon ordering that you would like a glass filled fiber screw.

"Quik-Clamp" Telescoping Tube Clamps
"Quik-Clamp" Telescoping Tube Clamps$9.95$11.95
Replacement Screws and Levers
Glass-filled Clamp Screw
Glass-filled Clamp ScrewGlass-filled Clamp Screw for Max-Gain Systems’ “Quik-Clamp” line$2.00
Polycarbonate Clamp Lever
Polycarbonate Clamp LeverPolycarbonate Clamp Lever for Max-Gain Systems’ “Quik-Clamp” line$2.00
Stainless Steel Clamp Screw
Stainless Steel Clamp ScrewStainless Steel Clamp Screw for Max-Gain Systems’ “Quik-Clamp” line$2.00