SPDT Vacuum Relays

See below all of the Vacuum Relays, with SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw Relay) contact sets, we have available, including: G52WF, G9WF, VJ6B, RJ6B, VC-2, G2WF, RJ2B, RJ2C, HC-4, RF60, RF1J, VHC-1, GH-1, RJ1A, HC-1, VHC-3, RJ1H, and GH-3. Please see the condition field on each SPDT Vacuum Relay product to determine if it is brand new or used/removed from equipment, etc. Some of our SPDT Vacuum Relay products come from surplus lots and have very limited quantity. Check back often to see all of the SPDT Vacuum Relay products that are currently available.

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