316 Stainless Steel Pulley


Stainless Steel: 316

Weight Handling: Recommended for hauling light loads like wire antennas. Not for uses involving life or safety.

Rope accepted: 5/32″ thru 1/4″. Our 1/8″ Black Dacron Rope is perfect for use with these pulleys.

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316 Stainless Steel Pulley. The maximum load of this pulley FAR exceeds the weight capacity of our mast system. This pulley can accept rope up to 1/4 inch in diameter, but is perfect for use with our 1/8 inch Black Dacron rope. The roller and body are very close in tolerance to not allow the rope to migrate off the roller. Use this pulley to help hoist light weight objects to the top of your mast such as wire antennas.

Max-Gain Systems Part Number PULLEY-01

Additional information

Shipping Weight .7 oz
Shipping Dimensions 2 × 1.1 × .6 in

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