Best Antenna Mast For Mobile Operations

Mobile operations have always been important. Either for field signal strength testing, mobile DXing, emergency communications operations, POTA, etc… All of these activities need a solid antenna mounting platform to achieve the best results. This post is all about the field ops performed by Jerry Clements VE6AB out of Canada. He travels all over the place and documents his adventures like the best of them. See his blog here: and see his website here:

Jerry Clements VE6AB MK-4-HD 25 foot Fiberglass Push Up Mast for mobile radio operations - Max-Gain systems, Inc
Jerry Clements VE6AB off highway 564, 80 clicks east of Calgary working 2 meter SSB

What mast was used?

The MK-4-HD, 25 foot push up mast was utilized. It has a maximum height of 25 feet when fully extended, which he can do, when in good weather conditions. In less favorable weather conditions, or if he did not need the full 25 feet, Jerry would only use the bottom 4-5 sections of the mast. Doing this, leaving the top 1 or 2 sections nested back in further, you gain double or even triple wall thickness toward the top of the mast. This increases the rigidity of the mast greatly!

25 feet Heavy Duty Fiberglass Push-Up Mast MK-4-HD 800x800 - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

Mobile emergency field operations serve a key roll when a disaster strikes. Getting the word out for needed equipment and personnel to the base of operations or simply relaying messages while deep in the field serves a vital role.

Jerry Clements VE6AB MK-4-HD 25 foot Fiberglass Push Up Mast for mobile radio operations and field day - Max-Gain systems, Inc
Jerry Clements VE6AB at the top of a bluff, southeast of Calgary, analyzing antennas

What Mount was used?

Jerry made his own hitch mount years ago as seen in the pictures. However, we have since developed our own version of a hitch mounting system that works perfectly for mobile operations such as these. All parts can be quickly disassembled for easy storage or pull out your hitch locking pin and store the mount fully assembled. With the integrated thrust bushing i side that the mast can rest on, loosening the clamp bolt, you can use your “arm strong” rotator to rotate your directional antenna manually. If your mast happens to be guyed, which we highly recommend, our guy rings will not obstruct the mast from turning when you loose the clamp bolt of the base mount.

1x MK-4-HD, 25 foot Heavy Duty Fiberglass Push-Up Mast

1x GK-4HD-4-GR, Guying Kit for the 25 foot HD Mast (Guying kit for other setups – optional in this case)

1x M-H23212HDT-K, Trailer Hitch Mast Mount Kit

Adventures of Jerry Clements VE6AB

Jerry sent us some pictures and some comments from 2016 of his extensive field usage of the 25 foot MK-4-HD mast:

“I thought it was important to comment that I do realize there are limitations as to what one can hang on one of your push up masts.

I initially chose the mast I purchased being the MK-4-HD after careful review of my choices, and how I planned on using it mounted on my mobile.

The antennas that populate the mast are antennas that I built in my home shop, and are quite light by design.

Still as you notice I didn’t try to place my tri-band log periodic to far up the mast, aware of the structural stress I would place on the mast, as light as this LPDA is.

The 10-20 meter inverted U at the top is also light in weight, and the mast handles it fine.

Of course the 6 meter Halo weighs very little, and is of no consequence where it is mounted on the lower part of the mast.”

“It’s also important to note, that when I set up in the field, I use a bubble level to level off my truck, and this is extremely important, as it takes any potential side-load off of the mast, important to the longevity of the mast and its joints.

Just some of my thoughts I thought might interest you.

BTW, Great product.

Jerry VE6AB”

Other Masts and Mounting products

With this setup, you can get up and on the air in no time, but it might not be the right setup for everybody. See all of our available masts ranging from 12 feet up to 50 feet, all mounting options, and all guying equipment here:

Jerry Clements VE6AB using MK-4-HD 25 foot mast on a hitch mount for contesting - Max-Gain systems, Inc
Jerry Clements VE6AB second day of the ARRL 2018 January VHF contest

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