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MAX-GAIN SYSTEMS, INC . Presenting the best ham-radio related links page on the planet! (At least WE think so!) The gang at Max-Gain has surfed the web for thousands of hours in search of the best ham radio sites. Here is a list of the best of the best. If you follow these links, you should be able to find the answer to any question you might have –as long as it’s related to ham radio—the greatest hobby on earth! Our links will let you find the answer fast without having to be away from the radio too long. We also include many aviation related links as well as others related to the almost limitless uses for our fiberglass products.  Enjoy!

Antenna Materials and Antenna Manufacturers

Ultralight aircraft and PPC links

Mega Links — Tons of everything on many areas of the ham radio hobby

Ham Exam Question Pools — Study for your license!!

Callsign Lookup Databases

Hamfests and Swapmeets

FCC (Federal Communications Commission)

Miscellaneous Ham Related Sites

Miscellaneous “interesting stuff” links

  • Hatch Hoodie – Made by Banner Bay Marine, an innovative hatch cover for your sailboat!
  • Test Parts.Com -Sellers of Test equipment, used and new, Microwave and RF parts and components, RF connectors and adapters, and much more!
  • GenTent Safety Canopies   – An innovative, easily removable wet weather canopy to protect your generator from rain, snow, and sleet when running outdoors!


Amateur Repeaters

Manufacturers and Dealers (See also “Mega Links” section)

Time Standards

Radio Modifications and Hard-To-Find Parts

Shallow Water Anchors

Links to Friends’ Sites

Antenna Magic

Interested in very lightweight, low-profile wire beams, loops, and quads for HF? Many of these antennas are ideal for restricted spaces and portable applications.
Ray Jurgens, KQ6RH, has an extremely good site called “Antenna Magic”, which is devoted to antennas of these types. Photos, performance plots, and practical experience on Reflected M beams, VK2ABQ wire beams, quad loops, super lightweight quads, “quickie” verticals, elevated half squares, rotatable self-supporting dipoles, and even the Pheiffer quad is PACKED into this large and informative site.

R.F. Jurgens Communications sells the special “versa-hubs” and other parts which make assembling these antennas very easy, and (of course) you can get your fiberglass here at the MGS website. Check out “table 1” on the Antenna Magic site, then look at specific antennas to determine the materials you will need.


Antenna Magic link URL is:

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