Shallow Water Anchor Parts & Kits

The answer to: “What shallow water boat anchor should I use?”, “What is the best shallow water anchoring system?”, and “How do I anchor my boat in shallow water?”

There are a great many commercially-made shallow water boat anchors out there, but as you know, they tend to be pretty pricey. Why not make your own with Max-Gain Systems fiberglass and save a ton of money?

DIY Shallow Water Anchor Part Kits

Parts to Build Your Dream Anchor System

Chad Ferguson, of the very informative Catfish Edge, has created a great shallow water boat anchor using Max-Gain Systems fiberglass. He has created a complete DIY Shallow Water Anchor guide where he goes into great detail about his search to make a durable, strong, and inexpensive shallow water anchor. Chad has also produced a video (see below) in which he uses his new shallow water anchor and explains the process in detail. His design can be utilized using any size of fiberglass allowing users the ability to anchor larger (or smaller) boats.

Max-Gain Systems fiberglass is the most cost efficient method to anchor your boat. Fiberglass is saltwater corrosion proof, keeps you steady in the water with wind and waves, and gives you, by far, the lightest and most cost efficient way to anchor your boat.


How to decide parts before building

Choosing components and how to build

How to use your new anchor

Most Requested Layouts

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DIY Shallow Water Anchor Component Assembly Guide

DIY Shallow Water Anchor Kits

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Add-on Paddles and Fiberglass Extensions

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Modular Anchor Extension Kits

Extend your existing Shallow Water Anchor or add sections to your DIY Shallow Water Anchor – just match the fiberglass!

These kits are for extending your current shallow water anchor OR adding another section to your current modular DIY shallow water anchor setup to allow you to anchor in deeper waters.

4-in-1 Modular Paddle Kits4-in-1 Modular Paddle Kits

These DIY anchor kits allow you to build an add-on paddle for use with our modular Shallow Water Anchor system kits. Just match the diameter (3/4″ or 1″) and color (Black, White, or Camo) of your fiberglass!



Additional Parts


1/2" OD Round Solid Rod1/2" OD Round Solid RodRSR-12$2.50$6.95
5/8" OD Round Solid Rod5/8" OD Round Solid RodRSR-58$5.45$13.95
3/4" OD Round Solid Rod3/4" OD Round Solid RodRSR-34$2.95$31.45
1" OD Round Solid Rod1" OD Round Solid RodRSR-1$4.95$29.95

Hardware and Accessories

Download Installation Guide

Stainless Steel Coupler Parts for Fiberglass Round Solid Rod and TubeStainless Steel Coupler Parts for Fiberglass Round Solid Rod and TubeMGS-RODCPL

Stainless Steel Coupler Parts for Fiberglass Round Solid Rod and Tube

Stainless steel Shallow Water Anchors tipsStainless steel Shallow Water Anchors tipsMGS-SSTIP

Stainless steel hard soils tips that accept Round Solid Rods for Shallow Water Anchors

T-Grips for Shallow Water AnchorsT-Grips for Shallow Water AnchorsMGS-TGRIP

T-Grips that accept Fiberglass Round Solid Rods for Shallow Water Anchors

Storage Clips for Fiberglass Round Solid Rods and TubesStorage Clips for Fiberglass Round Solid Rods and TubesMGS-CLP

Our clips for Fiberglass Round Solid Rods and Tubes are sold by the piece, not in packs of two.


Customer Mounting Solutions

Russ Point of Texas, shared with us a great mounting solution that is durable and safe on the anchors.

A small loop of water resistant rope and a stainless ring (widely and cheaply available from marine dealers and hardware stores) attached to a cleat. This is a very cheap and effective way to keep your boat attached to your anchor. Russ says that he has one of these ring mounts installed on each corner of his boat, and one on each side at mid-ship. There is always a mount handy, in a perfect position for any anchoring need. Properly sized rings will also easily accommodate the larger tube diameters of our extension kits!