Fiberglass Preformed Shapes, Fiberglass Masts, RF Connectors and Adapters, Vacuum Capacitors, Vacuum Relays, Bristol Wrench Tools, RF Components & more!

Max-Gains Systems offers fiberglass preformed shapes, Fiberglass Marine Products, Fiberglass Antenna Products, Fiberglass Connecting/adapting products and accessories, RF Communications components including: RF connectors and adapters, variable vacuum capacitors, fixed vacuum relays, and an ever expanding array of surplus items. We also carry Bristol Wrench spline and hex tools.

We carry a wide line of quality RF Connectors & Adapters!

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DIY Shallow Water Anchor Part Kits

Build your own Shallow Water Anchor!

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All the Spline Keys you need.

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Fiberglass Preformed Shapes, Fiberglass Marine Products, Fiberglass Antenna Products, Fiberglass Connecting/Adapting Products and Accessories.

RF Connectors and Adapters for UHF, BNC, mini-UHF, TMC, RA-TNC, N, RP-N, HN, LC, LT, C, SC, SMA, RP-SMA, SMB, SMC, RME, F, PAL, RCA, MC, MCX, MMCX, Banana, Microphone, XLR, Phono, Bird QC, GR-874, GR-900, APC-7

Variable and Fixed Vacuum Capacitors, Vacuum Relays, Coax Switches, Shaft Couplings, Doorknob Disc, and Other Capacitors, Fitters, Inductors, Resistors, Semiconductor Devices, Transmitting Tubes, RF Amplifiers, Antenna Couplers, Tune Counting Bolts, Knobs, High Voltage Wire, and so much more!

Spline Wrench Kits, Spline Briar Kits, Spline L-Keys, Spline Drivers, Spline Bits, Hex Wrench Kits, Hex Driver Kits, Hex L-Keys, Hex Drivers and Hex Bits.

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