Fiberglass Preformed Shapes, Fiberglass Masts, RF Connectors and Adapters, Vacuum Capacitors, Vacuum Relays, Bristol Wrench Tools, RF Components & more!

Max-Gain Systems offers fiberglass preformed shapes, Fiberglass Marine Products, Fiberglass Antenna Products, Fiberglass Connecting/adapting products and accessories, RF Communications components including: RF connectors and adapters, variable vacuum capacitors, fixed vacuum relays, and an ever expanding array of surplus items. We also carry Bristol Wrench spline and hex tools.

Fiberglass Tube and Rod Products

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. carries a complete line of fiberglass, including fiberglass round tube, square tube, and solid rod. Most of our product line is designed to “sleeve” inside adjacent sizes, allowing almost any custom length and wall thickness, while at the same time retaining the ability to be shipped via USPS or FedEx! We are quite unique in that we sell our wide product line in small (even single piece!) retail quantities, which allows individuals and hobbyists, as well as industry prototyping research personnel to economically try multiple possibilities before buying larger quantities.

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. is also a wholesale supplier of fiberglass tube and rod to many of the best-known names in antenna manufacturing, both in the ham radio and military markets. We supply more fiberglass to more antenna manufacturers than any company in the world. We also supply fiberglass to many other industries and uses, such as ultralight aircraft, tool handles, tents, driveway markers, towed aircraft banners, electrical utilities, universities, national laboratories, concrete reinforcement, hinge pins, recreational vehicles, shallow water anchors, push poles, window coverings, masts and towers, and the inventor with an idea for a new product. We are a unique source for sleeving adjacent sizes, in stock, and in even single piece quantity for prototyping! No need to pay for mill-runs just to see if a prototype will work. Our contacts and relationships allow us to provide superior product at lower cost than a single commercial user dealing direct with a single factory. Let us quote on your needs!

We can research and locate fiberglass products needed for your manufacturing, and in many cases suggest alternate or lower-cost solutions. Quantities for wholesale price breaks can be surprisingly small, and custom colors and lengths are possible as well.

Fiberglass Tube and Rod

Best Selling Fiberglass Products

Fiberglass Kits (Push Up Masts, Marine, Amateur Radio, etc.)

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. stocks a wide variety of fiberglass, ideal for: VHF and UHF antenna construction, satellite antenna cross booms, masts, quad spreaders (UHF to 40 Meters!), shaft material, open wire feedline spacers, and many other hobby uses. . Our line is designed with the needs of the amateur (ham) radio operator in mind. We carry a wide line of spreaders for quads and quagis… (UHF through 40 meters!), custom crossbooms for the satellite enthusiast, and non-inductive fiberglass masts. The ability to ship crossbooms and spreaders via USPS or FedEx can result in big savings compared to motor freight charges. We offer free tech help to our customers. We have the following, in stock, ready for shipment. Click on FIBERGLASS PRICE LIST to see our retail price list.

Fiberglass Push-Up Masts! Our new line of heavy duty fiberglass masts is now available in heights of up to 43 feet. Our line is also EASILY CUSTOMIZED to your particular need, as we sell our mast system BY THE PIECE! Our fiberglass masts all use full 1/8 inch wall fiberglass, not the flimsy thin-wall masts you have seen before. CLICK HERE to go to our push-up mast page!

Bristol Spline and Hex Wrenches, Drivers, and Bits

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. carries the entire range of Bristol Wrench Company spline products! Ours are GENUINE US made Bristol Wrench products, absolutely the highest quality available, and not cheap import copies. Bristol spline wrenches, (sometimes erroneously called “Bristo” wrenches) are used in a wide variety of fields, including radio/communications, avionics, astronomy, refrigeration, engraving/printing, and construction/farm equipment. We sell a variety of spline “L” key kits, including the #SS-508, designed for radio/communications hobby use. Custom kits are also available in quantity for your particular industrial need. Visit our spline “L” key page.

We sell the entire line of Bristol spline screwdriver handles and straight bits (both in standard and optional longer lengths) favored by avionics shops, military, and other professional service technicians in many industries. For volume users, we sell many items in boxes of 100. Discounts and/or free shipping are available with increasing volume. For a complete product listing and numerous descriptions, visit our Bristol Wrench Company spline products page.

RF Connectors and Adapters

RF Connectors and Adapters

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. (MGS) is proud to offer a new line of the most popular types of RF adapters to our customers at very reasonable prices! After a long search, we have located a producer whose quality we were satisfied with (no small task at a reasonable cost) and we have become direct importers of these lines. We carry all of the “usual” types which include: UHF, N, BNC, RCA, TNC, SMA, mini-UHF, double banana, and 3.5 mm. We also carry the “Hard-to-Find” ones, which include: C, MC, MCX, MMCX, reverse polarity N (RP-N), reverse polarity SMA (RP-SMA), reverse polarity TNC (RP-TNC), SMB, SMC, and nano-SMA! Whether you are looking for adapters for Wi-fi, GPS, or Wi-Max, we are likely to have exactly what you need, all in top quality at VERY reasonable pricing!

Unlike most sellers of adapters, it is actually EASY to locate the adapter you need. Our adapter catalog page is cross-referenced, and contains PHOTOS of all adapters if you “aren’t quite sure what it is called”. Our catalog lists each adapter both ways….for example: the very popular part number 7330 (N male / UHF female adapter), is listed both under the “N” male adapters and under the UHF female (SO-239) sections. Simply pick either end of the adapter you want, look under that section, and quickly find your adapter. Still in doubt about what you need? Then you need our connector and adapter identification education page. From this page you can find the exact connector you need as well as extra info about that connector.

Your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. If not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, just email for a return authorization, return connectors to us prepaid, and your purchase price will be immediately and cheerfully refunded. All you ever risk is shipping. Ask about price breaks for quantities, as well as wholesale pricing for resellers!

Don’t see what you want? We WILL be increasing our lines, but wish to see what our customers need first, so if you need one that we currently don’t carry, email us ( [email protected] ) with a description of what you want, and we will consider it for our next shipments.

Click here to go to our Connectors and Adapters pages:

Fixed and Variable Vacuum Capacitors

Fixed and Variable Vacuum Capacitors - Max-Gain systems, Inc.

MGS is pleased to announce that we are an authorized reseller of all of the top brands of fixed and variable vacuum capacitors! We sell Jennings , Comet, and Greenstone Capacitors. We also carry many of their out of production capacitors as well as used capacitors to meet any need. We have stock of capacitors in the widest range of capacitance, voltages, and sizes. Don’t see the capacitor with the characteristics you need? Give us a call @ 770-973-6251 and we can find one that will get it done.




RF and Microwave Components

MGS is pleased to announce that we will be offering a LARGE selection of hard to find RF and microwave related items! After many customer requests to expand the very popular “President’s page” section, we have decided to expand the MGS product line to include military and commercial surplus RF and microwave items at VERY affordable prices, and with our famous MGS customer service and satisfaction guarantee. We will also be able to take many payment forms such as Visa and Mastercard, which are not available on the President’s page. Adding these lines to our website will take some time, but watch this section for an ever expanding list of vacuum variable capacitors, vacuum relays, tube sockets, high-end microwave components, and much, much more! If you have these items to sell, email us your list! (Photos helpful)

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