Fiberglass Preformed Shapes, Fiberglass Masts, RF Connectors and Adapters, Vacuum Capacitors, Vacuum Relays, Bristol Wrench Tools, RF Components & more!

Max-Gain Systems offers fiberglass preformed shapes, Fiberglass Marine Products, Fiberglass Antenna Products, Fiberglass Connecting/adapting products and accessories, RF Communications components including: RF connectors and adapters, variable vacuum capacitors, fixed vacuum relays, and an ever expanding array of surplus items. We also carry Bristol Wrench spline and hex tools.

We carry a wide line of quality RF Connectors & Adapters!

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DIY Shallow Water Anchor Part Kits

Build your own Shallow Water Anchor!

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All the Spline Keys you need.

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Fiberglass Preformed Shapes, Fiberglass Marine Products, Fiberglass Antenna Products, Fiberglass Connecting/Adapting Products and Accessories.

RF Connectors and Adapters for UHF, BNC, mini-UHF, TMC, RA-TNC, N, RP-N, HN, LC, LT, C, SC, SMA, RP-SMA, SMB, SMC, RME, F, PAL, RCA, MC, MCX, MMCX, Banana, Microphone, XLR, Phono, Bird QC, GR-874, GR-900, APC-7

Variable and Fixed Vacuum Capacitors, Vacuum Relays, Coax Switches, Shaft Couplings, Doorknob Disc, and Other Capacitors, Fitters, Inductors, Resistors, Semiconductor Devices, Transmitting Tubes, RF Amplifiers, Antenna Couplers, Tune Counting Bolts, Knobs, High Voltage Wire, and so much more!

Spline Wrench Kits, Spline Briar Kits, Spline L-Keys, Spline Drivers, Spline Bits, Hex Wrench Kits, Hex Driver Kits, Hex L-Keys, Hex Drivers and Hex Bits.









Fiberglass Tube and Rod Products

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. carries a complete line of fiberglass , including fiberglass round tube, square tube, and solid rod. Most of our product line is designed to “sleeve ” inside adjacent sizes, allowing almost any custom length and wall thickness, while at the same time retaining the ability to be shipped via USPS or FedEx! We are quite unique in that we sell our wide product line in small (even single piece!) retail quantities, which allows individuals and hobbyists, as well as industry prototyping research personnel to economically try multiple possibilities before buying larger quantities.

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. is also a wholesale supplier of fiberglass tube and rod to many of the best-known names in antenna manufacturing, both in the ham radio and military markets. We supply more fiberglass to more antenna manufacturers than any company in the world. We also supply fiberglass to many other industries and uses, such as ultralight aircraft, tool handles, tents, driveway markers, towed aircraft banners, electrical utilities, universities, national laboratories, concrete reinforcement, hinge pins, recreational vehicles, shallow water anchors, push poles, window coverings, masts and towers, and the inventor with an idea for a new product. We are a unique source for sleeving adjacent sizes, in stock, and in even single piece quantity for prototyping! No need to pay for mill-runs just to see if a prototype will work. Our contacts and relationships allow us to provide superior product at lower cost than a single commercial user dealing direct with a single factory. Let us quote on your needs!

We can research and locate fiberglass products needed for your manufacturing, and in many cases suggest alternate or lower-cost solutions. Quantities for wholesale price breaks can be surprisingly small, and custom colors and lengths are possible as well.

Featured Products

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