UHF to Type N Adapters

The UHF connection is by far the most popular type used in Amateur Radio. The UHF male (plug) is known as "PL-259" and the female (jack) is known as "SO-239." Typically used in applications to ~400MHz.

Type N connections are durable, weather proof, and have a constant impedance in applications up to ~11 GHz. Type N connectors are high quality, threaded, and have a gasket making them resistant to shock and vibration while maintaining a weatherproof connection. Type N connectors are usually used on coaxial cables ranging in size from .350" to .450".

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. carries a full line of in-series, between series, right angle, T-shaped, quick connect, handie-talkie (BLACK), and pigtails (coaxial jumpers) RF Adapters. Our RF adapter lines are constantly expanding. We keep our RF connector and adapter lines in stock. We ship both retail and wholesale quantities. To become a dealer / wholesale user, contact us with your potential usage.

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