GR-874 Adapters

GR-874 connectors were a unisex series designed by the General Radio Corporation. GR-874 was designed for test equipment. By rotating one connector 90 degrees to the right or left, the inner and out leaves will mate with any other GR-874 connector. GR874 adapters and connectors can have a threaded locking collar which is also unisex as the collars can be backed up exposing threads for another locking collar to go over. Great in applications to ~8 GHz.

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. carries a full line of in-series, between series, right angle, T-shaped, quick connect, handie-talkie (BLACK), and pigtails (coaxial jumpers) RF Adapters. Our RF adapter lines are constantly expanding. We keep our RF connector and adapter lines in stock. We ship both retail and wholesale quantities. To become a dealer / wholesale user, contact us with your potential usage.