Push Up Fiberglass Mast Assembly

One of our users has made an excellent YouTube video, illustrating components and partial assembly of one of our mast systems. Check out this video for good ideas and illustrations of the ease of preparation!

Preparing the Max Gain Systems MK-8-HD mast sections for install. Covers the mast and how to attach the needed quik-clamp telescoping tube clamps (93 inch mast sections due to shipping length restrictions).

Assembly instructions for the Fiberglass Push Up Masts are located on our website at anytime. Fully up to date and information being added routinely. See our Fiberglass Push Up Mast Kit page for all of your mast needs. This will include information and everything you would need to successfully guy a push up mast.

2 thoughts on “Push Up Fiberglass Mast Assembly

  1. We recently purchased the MK-8-HD to use for a wireless bridge antenna. This is an 18 inch square patch antenna that must maintain direction. When moderate winds are blowing, the poles tend to rotate a little throwing off the signal. I don’t want to break the clips by over tightening. Will it damage the integrity of the poles to drill a small hole thru the sections for an alignment pin to be inserted thru the sections to prevent rotation?

    1. Hi Russell,
      Drilling a small hole at the extended point just below the clamp, about a 3/32 inch is all it would take, would work great. It would prevent rotation and allow additional vertical support for guying pressures, etc…

      Thank you!

      Paul Bond – KI4WNB
      Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

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