Pontoon Deck Mount – Flush Deck Mount


Pontoon Deck Mount – Flush Deck Mount

Fiberglass Rod Diameter: Choose the diameter of the rod to pass through the mount

Color: Choose the color of the mount

All of our mounts are made in the USA, using marine grade aluminum with a perfect powder coat or Bare Aluminum. Your choice of White or Black. Design to fit on the Deck of a Pontoon Boat, but can also be used in other locations on a boat that is raised off the water. Made from thick gauge aluminum and built to keep your boat steady from the heavy torque that wind, current, and wake can put on a boat.

Designed with nylon bushings with an inner diameter of 0.98 inches (when you select “3/4 inch OD” from the drop down menu), these will accept all 3/4 inch pole anchors including our modular 3/4 inch OD rod anchors. Our 3/4 inch modular anchor kits utilize stainless steel couplings that are machined from solid bar stock and measure 0.825″ in outer diameter. If selecting the 1 inch OD rod from the drop down menu the inner diameter of the bushings will be 1.243 inches which will fit the larger size stainless steel couplings that have a outer diameter of 1.1 inches. These fit perfectly through our Deck Mounts. The bushings have an added benefit in that they wont scratch up your shallow water anchor increasing the usage life of your anchoring system.

Vertical Tube Length: 4.7 in / 119 mm
Inner Diameter of Shallow Water Anchor Hole: (Make product “drop down” selection)
Mounting Plate Max Width: 4 in / 101 mm
Mounting Plate Max Width: 3 in / 76.2 mm
Mounting Plate Max Thickness: 0.29 in / 7.3 mm
Mounting Plate Hole Diameter: 0.268 in / 6.8 mm (4 holes)
Powder Coat Color: BLACK / Bare Aluminum (Your Choice)
Weight: 9.5 oz / 270 g

Deck Mount Diagram

Transom Mount Mounting Template PDF - Max-Gain Systems Inc
Deck Mount Dimensions

More Mounting Options

More Mounting Options

For use with the following products:

DIY Shallow Water Anchor Kit)

Shallow Water Anchor Kits

Rod Box DIY Shallow Water Anchor Kit

Rod Box Shallow Water Anchor Kits

DIY Emergency Paddle Kits

DIY Emergency Paddle Kits

DIY Extension Kits (for use with modular anchor kits)

DIY Extension Kits

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Max-Gain Systems, Inc. is the number one supplier of fiberglass round hollow tube, square tube and round solid rod to the antenna manufacturing industry. We produce millions of feet a year for hundreds of different industries including but not limited to: marine / boating, aeronautical, agriculture, construction, emergency services, etc…. We have the unique ability to sell one piece or even a semi-truck full. Feel free to prototype using our fiberglass tube and rod then contact us for a quote on a production run. At production run quantities we can cut to your desired lengths at no additional charge, and we can also perform several different fabrications (example: drilling holes in precise locations along a tube) to ensure your delivered material is ready for assembly. We have several accessory items designed for our fiberglass including but not limited to: couplers, telescoping clamps, ferrules, etc…

Additional information

Shipping Weight N/A
Shipping Dimensions N/A
Fiberglass Rod Diameter

3/4 inch OD, 1 inch OD


Black, Bare Aluminum


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