DIY Fiberglass Push Poles


Everything for your Push Pole in one place! We have put the Fiberglass, Ferrules, Spikes, Feet, Couplers, and Holding Clips needed to make your own push pole all in one place for your convenience. Storage / Holding clips are sold separately and are not included in these kits.

Just select your length, and whether you want a fixed or modular design. We offer DIY kits (assembly required) varying from 16 to 20 feet in length. Fixed fiberglass joints that use a fiberglass ferrule allow you to reach these lengths on a budget. Modular fiberglass joints that use threaded stainless steel couplers allow you to reach the same lengths and then unscrew your push pole for easier storage!

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Assembly Instructions and Best Practices

Download Installation Guide

NOTE: We have tried repeatedly to make totally water-tight tubing for push pole use, but we are convinced at this point that it cannot be done with the Pultrusion manufacturing process. There will always be the possibility of “pin-holes”, or very small pathways that exist all the way through the resin and glass fibers that will allow water (especially water under pressure, several feet down when being used in pushing boats) to find a way through and slowly “seep” inside.

Many of our customers have told us “no problem. I can waterproof it myself!” and have purchased our strong 1.5inch OD X 1/8″ wall gray tubes with the foot, spike, and clips, and with a little work have used it very successfully! Customers have told us many waterproofing methods they have used, such as coating the insides of the tubes with liquid polyurethane and painting the outside with epoxy paints, and many have used a product called POR-15. Here is a link to technical information on this product: (We do not sell it, and we pass this along for informational purposes only for “the do-it-yourselfer” who wants to save some big bucks with a little work.) Customers report that this stuff is almost bullet-proof and adheres well to our tubes, though we have not tried it ourselves.

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