PL-259, UHF male Quick Connect Solder Connector RG-8, RG-11, RG-83, RG-213, RG-393, LMR-400, and other 0.405 Inch OD Coax


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UHF male Quick Connect Solder Connector for RG-8, RG-11, RG-83, RG-213, RG-393, LMR-400, and other 0.405 Inch OD Coax

Silver Plated Brass Body
Silver Plated Brass Center Pin
PTFE Dielectric

Detailed Product Information

This UHF male Quick Connect Solder Connector is one of several thousand RF products available from Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

This connector is made from a Solid Brass body that is precision machined and plated with Silver for superior performance and value. This UHF male Quick Connect Solder Connector has a PTFE dielectric and a silver plated brass center pin. The UHF male interface (also known as a PL-259 connection) is by far the most popular connection type used in Amateur Radio.

Our PL-259 connectors are the best on the market. They can take the heat, wont fall apart when soldering, AND take more power than any PL-259 connectors on the market. These PL-259 connectors represent the peak in connector design.


Compatible with Coaxial Cable Types: RG-174, RG-188, RG-188A/U, RG-316, RG-316/U Double Shield, LMR-100A, Belden 7805R, Belden 8216, Belden 83269, Belden 83284, Belden 84316, and other 0.100 Inch OD Coaxial cable.

Proof of design and materials:

See our internal testing below by playing the video. NOTE: Do not use a blow torch (demonstration only) on the PL-259 as shown as you will not solder the connector that way and you may melt your coax, but the PL-259 connector can take the heat.

Our PL-259 connectors are made from machined solid brass bodies, PTFE dielectric, machined solid brass center pin, and finally, a thick coating of silver for the best connection and soldering capability possible!

Installation Guide:

We will begin by installing the PL-259 connector on a piece of LMR-400. This process is the same for all the other types of cable that fit the PL-259 connector. These connectors fit on a wide range of coax types including, but not limited to: RG-11, RG-213, RG-213/U, RG-393, RG-393/U, RG-8, RG-8/U, RG-8A, RG-83, LMR-400, LMR-400 Ultraflex, Belden 7810A, Belden 8216, Belden 83269, Belden 83284, Belden 84316, and other 0.39 and 0.405 Inch OD Coax. For smaller coax sizes a reducer will need to be used. See the 7508-S for RG-8X, RG-59, RG-6, RG-62, RG-223, LMR-240, Belden 7916A, Belden 8241, and Belden 9258. See 7507-S for RG-58, RG-58A/U, RG-142, RG-400, LMR-195, LMR-200, Belden 9201, Belden 8219, Belden 8259, and Belden 7807. See 7506-S for RG-174, RG-178, RG-188, RG-196, LMR-100A, LMR-100, LMR-110, and Belden 8216.

Coax Stripping:

First cut your cable to the desired length and then strip the black jacket back approximately 1.35 inch. When the jacket is stripped cut the braid/foil back 0.65 of an inch from the fresh cut end.  Finally, cut back the dielectric 0.59 of an inch from the fresh end down to the center conductor. The braid needs to be cut back further than the dielectric to insure that none of the braid or foil is touching the center conductor which could cause a short.

PL-259 UHF male Solder On, Quick Connect for LMR-400, RG-213, RG-8 7500-QC-KIT Installation Guide Step 1 - Max-Gain Systems Inc

Main Body Install:

Put the PL-259 main body on the end of the cable, grip it lightly with a pair of pliers on the knurled portions, and begin screwing it to the right (clockwise) till the center conductor is flush with the tip end of the center pin of the PL-259 connector itself and to where you can see the braid of the coax through the solder holes.

FAQ: Why wont the center conductor go into the connector?

Answer 1: The center is bent off of center. Ensure the center conductor is perfectly straight before screwing the connector body onto the coax.

Answer 2: The tip of the center conductor was flattened by diagonal cutters when cutting the coax. To fix this, use a pair of pliers to round back out the tip of the center conductor.

Answer 3: The strands spread apart making the center conductor too large. LMR-400 coax is available in solid core and stranded versions. When cut, the strands of the stranded version can “loosen” and come separated. You will need to re-tighten the strands by twisting them back to their original diameter.

PL-259 UHF male Solder On, Quick Connect for LMR-400, RG-213, RG-8 7500-QC-KIT Installation Guide Step 2 - Max-Gain Systems Inc

Soldering Guide:

This soldering guide is for soldering Max-Gain Systems, Inc. PL-259 connectors. These are approximate measurements for our PL-259 connectors, which adhere to industry standards for this type connector. If you choose to use this guide for connectors sold by others who do NOT adhere to these standards, the measurements could be off and result in a poor installation.

Now we begin soldering the PL-259 connector to the cable. Begin by applying heat to the center pin of the PL-259 connector with your soldering iron. Before proceeding, allow sufficient time for the soldering iron tip to reach full operating temperature and clean the tip of the iron by wiping it with a damp sponge. Be sure the soldering iron is on the bottom side of the center pin. The heat rises and heats up the pin faster. When the pin is heated, apply the solder to the tip of the center conductor. Allow sufficient solder to flow to seal the center conductor inside the center pin.

Once the center pin is sealed with solder, move the soldering iron to the holes of the PL-259. Make sure to fill all four of the holes with solder flush with the top of each hole. Once all four holes of the PL-259 are filled with solder let the connector cool down. When the connector is cool take the sleeve / collar and screw it onto the connector body (which should only take 1.5 turns) and seat it into place.

PL-259 UHF male Solder On, Quick Connect for LMR-400, RG-213, RG-8 7500-QC-KIT Installation Guide Step 3 - Max-Gain Systems Inc

Final Testing:

When this is completed, as a final test, you should always check resistance from the center pin to the body with an ohmmeter in a low resistance scale. After verifying that there are no braid – to – center pin shorts on the other end of the coaxial cable, you should see infinite resistance (open).

As a final check, inspect the tip of the center pin to be certain that there is no excess solder present. This could interfere with easy insertion of the tip of the PL-259 into the female (SO-239) connector. If there is a tiny bit of excess solder present, it can usually be easily removed. Lightly scrape the soft solder with the edge of a knife blade until smooth. This completes your PL-259 installation, and the connector is ready for use!

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