DIY Shallow Water Anchor Part Kits


Max-Gain Systems offers shallow water anchor parts kits using 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, and the beastly 1 inch Outer Diameter Rods in order to better tailor your anchor to your philosophy of use (POU) and boat size. Why pay triple the cost for an anchor fully assembled when you can get a FAR more capable anchor for less money? We offer: Black in all rod diameters, White in both 3/4 inch and 1 inch rod diameters, AND the exclusive Real Tree Max 5 (‘Camo’ option) in 3/4 inch. We offer modular designs to achieve anchor lengths over 8 feet in both our 3/4 inch and 1 inch rod diameters. The modular kits can be almost endlessly customized by adding extension kits. We also offer 4-in-1 paddle kit that add even greater capability to an endlessly useful system. For our rod box capable shallow water anchor parts kits, see here!

Looking for an anchor with no piece longer than 49 inches? (Rod Box DIY Shallow Water Anchor Kit)

Rod Box Shallow Water Anchor Kits

Assembly and Use Guide

Arched Deck Mount Mounting Template PDF - Max-Gain Systems Inc
Assembly and Use Guide

Anchor Kit Assembly & Use Guide

DIY Emergency Paddle Kits

DIY Emergency Paddle Kits

Fixed Mounting Options

Fixed Mounting Options

DIY Extension Kits (for use with modular anchor kits)

DIY Extension Kits

DIY Gaff kits

DIY Gaff Kits


Chad Ferguson of the very informative website has created a great DIY Shallow Water Anchor Parts and Kits using Max-Gain Systems fiberglass. He has created a complete Do-It-Yourself (DIY) guide on his website: where he goes into great detail about his search to make a durable, strong, and inexpensive shallow water anchor. Chad has also produced a video (see below) in which he uses his new shallow water anchor and explains the process in detail. His DIY Shallow Water Anchor design can be utilized using any size of fiberglass rod allowing users the ability to anchor larger (or smaller) boats.

Max-Gain Systems shallow water anchor kits are the most capable anchors that you can get for your boat. Fiberglass is saltwater corrosion proof, keeps you steady in the water with wind, waves, and current, and gives you, by far, the lightest and most cost efficient way to anchor your boat. Our anchor systems are fully customizable and expandable with additional extension kits and 4-in-1 paddle kits. We are currently working on even more accessories for this EXTREMELY capable system. Visit us often for further additions to the accessories.

Introduction to fiberglass SWA

Things to consider before building

Configuration selection & construction

How to use your new anchor

Looking for more information or even more parts? See our page devoted to the DIY Shallow Water Anchor and all accessories.

Wholesale Quantities & Assemblies

Large quantity (wholesale quantities), custom length, custom colors, and limited fabrication services available. Inquire and let us quote on your needs. Contact us with Tube or Rod, outer diameter, lengths, color request or stock color, and what fabrication services you may need (drilling holes through, angle cuts, chamfered ends, pencil points). Please also include your name, organization (if any), address, phone number, email address, and any other information you may wish to provide to help us better quote your needs. Save time and money by letting us deliver your assemblies ready for production. We can help you determine what rod or tube best meets your needs and determine a production time based on when the product is scheduled, any fabrications, etc…

About Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. is the number one supplier of fiberglass round hollow tube, square tube and round solid rod to the antenna manufacturing industry. We produce millions of feet a year for hundreds of different industries including but not limited to:  marine / boating, aeronautical, agriculture, construction, emergency services, etc….  We have the unique ability to sell one piece or even a semi-truck full. Feel free to prototype using our fiberglass tube and rod then contact us for a quote on a production run. At production run quantities we can cut to your desired lengths at no additional charge, and we can also perform several different fabrications (example: drilling holes in precise locations along a tube) to ensure your delivered material is ready for assembly. We have several accessory items designed for our fiberglass including but not limited to: couplers, telescoping clamps, ferrules, etc…

Additional information

Shipping Weight N/A
Shipping Dimensions N/A
Anchor Rod Length

8 foot, 10 foot, 12 foot, "GO ALL OUT" (14 foot), "PREDATOR" (16 foot)

Fiberglass Rod Diameter

1/2 inch OD, 5/8 inch OD, 3/4 inch OD, 1 inch OD


Black, White, Camo

Standard or Modular


Storage Clips?

No, Yes


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