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Fiberglass Push Pole

The answer to: "How can I make my own push pole?", "What is the best push pole for the money?", and What is the most affordable push pole?"

There are a great many commercially-made push pole systems out there, but as you know, they tend to be pretty pricey. Why not make your own with Max-Gain Systems fiberglass and save a ton of money?   

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT sell any complete or "pre-made" push poles. We do, however, sell a wide range of individual parts (no pre-packaged "kits") that may be used by the do-it-yourself enthusiast to construct your own to your preferred design. For "pre-made" or complete push pole systems, please contact the appropriate manufacturers.  The goal of this page is to be a very complete information and parts resource for the "do-it-yourselfer", especially in making available innovative ideas on this subject passed along to us by others, for the use of all.

Max-Gain Systems fiberglass is the most cost efficient method to make your own push pole. Fiberglass is saltwater corrosion proof, extremely strong, and gives you a light weight and most cost efficient way to make your own push pole.

Everything for your Push Pole in one place!

Push Pole Parts
Make your own push pole!

We have put the Fiberglass , Ferrules , Spikes , Feet , Couplers, and Holding Clips
needed to make your own push pole all in one place for your convenience

Fiberglass Round Tube



1-1/4" OD Ferrule
Fits inside 1-1/2" OD Round Tubing

NOTE: We have tried repeatedly to make totally water-tight tubing for push pole use, but we are convinced at this point that it cannot be done with the Pultrusion manufacturing process. There will always be the possibility of "pin-holes", or very small pathways that exist all the way through the resin and glass fibers that will allow water (especially water under pressure, several feet down when being used in pushing boats) to find a way through and slowly "seep" inside.

Many of our customers have told us "no problem. I can waterproof it myself!" and have purchased our strong 1.5inch OD X 1/8" wall gray tubes with the foot, spike, and clips, and with a little work have used it very successfully! Customers have told us many waterproofing methods they have used, such as coating the insides of the tubes with liquid polyurethane and painting the outside with epoxy paints, and many have used a product called POR-15.  Here is a link to technical information on this product:  (We do not sell it, and we pass this along for informational purposes only for "the do-it-yourselfer" who wants to save some big bucks with a little work.) Customers report that this stuff is almost bullet-proof and adheres well to our tubes, though we have not tried it ourselves.

We sell the 1.5" OD tube in 8 foot, 4 foot, and 2 foot lengths

Push Pole Ferrules, Push Pole Ferrule
1-1/4 inch OD x 2ft push pole coupler

Diameter (OD)
Weight (lbs)
Stock Number
Price Per Piece
1 1/2"
$ 22.95
$ 12.45
$ 7.25

Material:  Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic ("FRP")

Important Dimensions
Length:               8 ft / 2.438 m
Max Diameter:    1.50 in / 38.10 mm
Weight:          44.80 oz / 1.27 kg

Refer to our stock # RT-112-8
Price: $22.95 each

You need one Ferrule for each junction using Max-Gain Systems, Inc. fiberglass. You can use these to repair other push pole systems with a strong, lightweight, and inexpensive material. 24" ferrule with an outside diameter of 1.25" Fits most push-poles.

Material:  Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic ("FRP")

Important Dimensions

Length:               24 in / 609.6 mm
Max Diameter:    1.242 in / 31.54 mm
Weight:                8.9 oz / 252.31 g

Installation Guide

Refer to our stock # MGS-FRL-01
Price: $6.95 each


Male Coupler
Female Coupler

Male Stainless Steel Rod Coupling
for 1-1/2 inch (1.50") rod
Accepts our  1 1/2-inch fiberglass rod

Female Stainless Steel Rod Coupling
for 1-1/2 inch (1.50") rod
Accepts our  1 1/2-inch fiberglass rod

Push Pole Feet, Push Pole Foot

Male Coupler for 1-1/2 inch tube

Push Pole Spikes, Push Pole Spike

Female Coupler for 1-1/2 inch tube

Material:             Stainless Steel  
Thread         7/8 x 24 (standard)  

Important Dimensions  
    Max length     5.506 in / 139.852 mm 
    Outer Diameter 1.647 in / 41.834 mm 
    Inner Diameter  1.531 in / 38.887 mm 
Wall Thickness   0.0545 in / 1.384 mm
Weight  11.700 oz. / 331.689 g

Rod Coupling Installation Guide 

Our Part Number: MGS-MRODCPL-04
Price: $39.95 each

Material:             Stainless Steel  
Thread:        7/8 x 24 (standard)  

Important Dimensions  
    Max length           5.118 in / 129.997 mm 
    Outer Diameter    1.647 in / 41.834 mm 
    Inner Diameter     1.529 in / 38.837 mm 
Wall Thickness      0.0565 in / 1.435 mm
Weight              13.700 oz. / 388.389 g

Rod Coupling Installation Guide 

Our Part Number: MGS-FRODCPL-04
Price: $39.95 each


Holding Clips

Spikes for 1 1/2 inch tube

Fits into 1 1/2 inch OD round tube
Part Numbers: RT-112-8

Feet for 1 1/2 inch tube

Fits into 1 1/2 inch OD round tube
Part Numbers: RT-112-8

Clips for 1-1/2 inch tube

Accepts 1-1/2 inch OD round tube
Part Numbers: RT-112-8

Push Pole Spikes, Push Pole Spike

Spikes for 1-1/2 inch tube

Push Pole Feet, Push Pole Foot

Feet for 1-1/2 inch tube

1.5 inch clips

Clips for 1-1/2 inch tube
Note: TWO clips required per pole (more for longer lengths)

Material:             Polycarbonate
Important Dimensions
    Max length
   5.868 in / 149.04 mm
    Max diameter     1.474 in / 37.43 mm
    Min diameter   1.226 in / 31.14 mm
Weight               2.1 oz / 59.53 g

Installation Guide

Our Part Number: MGS-SPIKE-01
Price: $12.95 each

Material:             Polycarbonate
Important Dimensions
Max length 9.125 in / 231.78 mm
    Max width     6.875 in / 174.625 mm
Foot thickness   .993 in / 25.22 mm
    Max diameter   1.493 in / 37.92 mm
Min diameter 1.234 in / 31.34 mm
Weight               4.6 oz / 130.4 g
Installation Guide
Our Part Number: MGS-FOOT-01
Price: $19.95 each

Material:             Polycarbonate
Important Dimensions
    Max length
   1.242 in / 31.546 mm
    Max Width     1.63 in / 41.4 mm
    Max Height   1.68 in / 42.7 mm
Weight           .3 oz / 8.5 g

Our Part Number: MGS-CLP-04
Price: $2.95 each OR 2 for $5.00


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