MK-6-HD Heavy Duty Fiberglass Push-up Mast


38′ Maximum Height Fiberglass Masts

*All masts are kits and some assembly is required*

View the Assembly and Use guide

The MK-6 Series of masts are, by far, our most popular masts for many reasons. The masts are light weight and short enough, when fully collapsed, to manipulate the quik-clamps from the ground or a short step ladder. This mast will get you above most obstacles to achieve maximum height, line-of-sight, maximum gain, and the best reception. Our masts are completely adjustable along the entire length of each tube.

See the photo gallery for pictures, all taken by customers, of our mast systems, being used for a number of different applications.


MK-6-HD Fiberglass Push-Up Mast

38′ Maximum Height Fiberglass Masts

*All masts are kits and some assembly is required*

View the Assembly and Use guide

**All masts are kits and include fiberglass tubes and corresponding quik-clamps**

The MK-6 Series of masts are, by far, our most popular masts for many reasons. The masts are light weight and short enough, when fully collapsed, to manipulate the quik-clamps from the ground or a short step ladder. This mast will get you above most obstacles to achieve maximum height, line-of-sight, maximum gain, and the best reception. Our masts are completely adjustable along the entire length of each tube.

See the photo gallery to see dozens of pictures, all taken by customers, of our mast systems being used for a number of different applications.

Accessorize your mast for the greatest effectiveness

List of Uses we know customers have used these masts for:

These masts can be utilized in any number of applications. Use to support, but not limited to;,,,, equipment, equipment, and filming equipment, devices and equipment, Courses; Advertising, Expansion, Tournament Coverage, Layout, Postcards, Brochures Waste Dump Surveys; Site Surveys, Legal Evidence, Progress Documentation – Inventory Calculations; Lumber, Gravel, Sand, Coal Site Surveys and Mapping; Mapping, Dig Analysis, Documentation Contractors; Planning of Parking Lots, Driveways, Layout and Design Plant Examinations; Leak Detection, Drainage, Plant Expansion Planning; Examination of Installations, Yard Layout Planning; Low Altitude Photographs for Airport Expansion, Individual Planes Industry; Surveys for Clear-Cut and Reforestation Planning Altitude Geological Surveys; Terrain Studies for Mineral and Oil Deposits; Buildings, Beaches, Pools, Tennis Courts, Grounds, Campsites Biologists; shoreline Studies, Tide Pool Studies and Rescue; Shore Line, Inland or Over Water Searches Events; Concert Locations, Parades, 10K Runs; New Unique Vantage Points Aerial Mobile Surveillance Companies Site Clean Up Farms Business Owners Estate and Home Owners Firms Companies; Accident, Fire Investigation, Appraisal Risk Evaluations Planners; Chamber of Commerce, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Manhole locations; Postcards, Calendars, Brochures, Campgrounds Real Estate; Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Development Agencies; Examination of scenes for cause and risk determination, Training, Search and Rescue’s; Accident Reconstruction, Court Room Presentations Owners; Christmas Cards, Marinas, Events; Landscape Planning, Placement of Trees, Shrubs, Layout and Design; Events, Sports, Fund Raising; Buildings, Land, Teams; baseball, Football, Golf, Skiing, Auto and Horse Racing Agencies; Layout – Design of Brochures, Annual Reports, Portfolios and Public Organizations; Postcards, Brochures, Planning, Events Companies; Progress, Topographical Examinations, Drainage Planning Centers; Advertising, Promotion, Traffic Studies Developers; Project Layout, Permit Applications, Environmental Studies Agencies; Coverage of Accidents, Disasters, Visiting Dignitaries – Security Forces; Security Situations, Accident and Crime Scene Photographs Estate -developments, neighborhoods, estate homes, horse farms, ranches, shopping centers, County, Municipal road and other development projects cleanup projects sites companies for roof top analysis (thermal) and post-construction photos -quiet operation, can pose as an advertising blimp projects -condominiums for floor by floor views, progress photos of large sites transmission site surveying contract shots of festivals, fairs, parades erosion tracking or other Emergency Agency site survey photos Aerial Photography for professional (News and Documentaries) and commercial purposes (real estate, industrial) Photography for research, archaeology, geology and global warming studies Oblique aerials for land planning and development Traffic management Accident investigation Crowd security, crowd control and management Roof inspections Construction site monitoring Environmental clean up site progress monitoring border patrol security management incident response situational awareness relay, repeater and primary antenna array points security

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Mast Kit Series

Heavy Duty

Select Screw Type

Glass-filled, Stainless Steel

Maximum Usable Length

38 feet

Length When Sleeved

7 feet 7 inches

Minimum Overlap of Tubes

8 inches

Length of Tubes

6 feet

Outer Diameter of Bottom Section

2.5 inches

Outer Diameter of Top Section

1 inch

Number of Sections


Weight (lb)

17.3 Lbs

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