Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV’s)


150 Volt Clamp Threshold

General Electric Company

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Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV’s)

These MOV’s are designed to be the surge protection device “of last resort” and are put across AC lines of 110-130 volts to stop short-duration surges / voltage spikes from making it to your sensitive electronic devices. These are the 14mm size, and approximate ratings are to withstand surges of 4500 amps 1 time, 2500 amps 2 times, and 1000 amps 10 times, as long as surges are less than 20 microseconds in duration. Parallel multiple MOV’s to increase these energy ratings.

ManufacturerGeneral Electric Company
Manufacturer’s Part NumberType # V150LAX1062

Individuals marked with “A3” and 4216001

Peak Voltage150 volt clamp threshold
Important Dimensions
Max Length2.38 in / 60.45 mm
Max Diameter 0.83 in / 21.08 mm
Weight0.50 oz / 14.18 g
ConditionBrand new

NOTE: a tremendous surge can actually make a MOV explode and even develop small flame, so they should be mounted in areas of the enclosure removed from flammable materials. Better the MOV to flame than your protected device!

To best protect an incoming AC line with MOVs, place one from hot to ground, one from neutral to ground, and one from hot to neutral. This provides both common mode and differential mode protection. Remember that they may be paralleled for higher maximum energy (joules) ratings.

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Shipping Weight0.50 oz
Shipping Dimensions2.38 × 0.79 × 0.82 in

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