Motorola MRF-466 High-Power Linear Amplifier


High-Power Linear Amplifier

40 Watts per Transistor

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Motorola MRF-466

The MRF466 is designed primarily for applications as a high-power linear amplifier (40 watts per transistor!) from 2.0 to 30 MHz. Excellent choice for designs of single sideband (and CW) transmitters, transceivers, and RF amplifiers. Also a replacement for the 2N5941 Motorola transistor.

Manufacturer Motorola
Manufacturer’s Part Number MRF466
Important Dimensions
Max Length 0.97 in / 24.64 mm
Max Diameter  0.47 in / 11.94 mm
Weight 0.50 oz / 14.18g
Condition Professionally removed from military equipment. (Most of this equipment was new/unused) gold plated, highest mil-spec quality.
Manufacturer’s Data Sheet ASI MRF-466

Additional information

Weight 0.50 oz
Dimensions 0.964 × 0.267 × 0.461 in



40 watts


Used, Surplus

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