Acrian ZO-28/F Semiconductor


Bias Device, Thermal Tracking

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Acrian ZO-28/F Semiconductor

The ZO-28/F is a bias device designed to work with very high power BiPolar transistors, operating Class A and AB. It has extremely low source impedance and high current handling capability. The package may be physically mounted to the same heat sink as the RF transistor, providing very accurate thermal tracking.

ManufacturerAcrian (ACR)
Manufacturer’s Part NumberZO-28F
Important Dimensions
Max Length0.98 in / 24.89 mm
Max Diameter 0.51 in / 12.95 mm
Weight0.50 oz / 14.18g
ConditionProfessionally removed from military equipment. (Most of this equipment was new/unused) gold plated, highest mil-spec quality. Guaranteed Good.

Additional information

Shipping Weight0.50 oz
Shipping Dimensions0.97 × 0.38 × 0.50 in



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