DIY Fiberglass Push Poles


Everything for your Push Pole Kit in one place! We specialize in fiberglass tube and rod. We have received MANY orders for this exact material from us to make their own push poles at a tenth the cost of one of the premade versions. While we do not make water tight tubing for push pole making we have had customers inform us on how they did it and what they used. See that information in the descriptions of this product below. We have put the Fiberglass, Ferrules, Spikes, Feet, Couplers, and Holding Clips needed to make your own push pole all in one place for your convenience. Storage / Holding clips are sold separately and are not included in these kits.
Download Installation Guide

Length: Assembled Length

Color: Color of 1.5 inch OD Tubes

Joint Type: Fixed or Modular
(fixed = epoxy together for a forever length)
(Modular = epoxy on threaded joint for a “breakdown” version)

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Assembly Instructions and Best Practices

Download Installation Guide

NOTE: We have tried repeatedly to make totally water-tight tubing for push pole use, but we are convinced at this point that it cannot be done with the Pultrusion manufacturing process. There will always be the possibility of “pin-holes”, or very small pathways that exist all the way through the resin and glass fibers that will allow water (especially water under pressure, several feet down when being used in pushing boats) to find a way through and slowly “seep” inside.

Many of our customers have told us “no problem. I can waterproof it myself!” and have purchased our strong 1.5inch OD X 1/8″ wall tubes with the foot, spike, and clips, and with a little work have used it very successfully! Customers have told us many waterproofing methods they have used, such as coating the insides of the tubes with liquid polyurethane and painting the outside with epoxy paints, and many have used a product called POR-15. Here is a link to technical information on this product: POR15 Bed Liner Coating (We do not sell it, and we pass this along for informational purposes only for “the do-it-yourselfer” who wants to save some big bucks with a little work.) Customers report that this stuff is almost bullet-proof and adheres well to our tubes, though we have not tried it ourselves. Others have used bondo and rolled the tubes to meticulously find any pin holes and fill them. It is also handy that bondo dries gray if you choose the Gray tube option.

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About Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. carries a full line of in-series, between series, right angle, T-shaped, quick connect, handie-talkie (BLACK), pigtails (coaxial jumpers), etc… RF adapters. Our RF adapter lines are constantly expanding. We keep our RF connector and adapter lines in stock. We ship both retail and wholesale quantities. To become a dealer / wholesale user, contact us with your potential usage.

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. is the number one supplier of fiberglass round hollow tube, square tube and round solid rod to the antenna manufacturing industry. We produce millions of feet a year for hundreds of different industries including but not limited to: marine / boating, aeronautical, agriculture, construction, emergency services, etc…. We have the unique ability to sell one piece or even a semi-truck full. Feel free to prototype using our fiberglass tube and rod then contact us for a quote on a production run. At production run quantities we can cut to your desired lengths at no additional charge, and we can also perform several different fabrications (example: drilling holes in precise locations along a tube) to ensure your delivered material is ready for assembly. We have several accessory items designed for our fiberglass including but not limited to: couplers, telescoping clamps, ferrules, etc…

Additional information

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16 ft, 18 ft, 20 ft


Black, Gray

Joint Type

Fixed, Modular


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