1/8″ OD Round Solid Rod


Pultruded Fiberglass Tube

Outer Diameter: 1/8″ (0.125 in) (3.175 mm)
Color: Black

Length: Choose the length of the tube


1/8″ OD Round Solid Rod Fiberglass, Black

This fiberglass tube is made by the pultrusion process. Fiberglass unidirectional roving (for maximum strength), pulled via hydraulics through a bath of resin and pigment. Heated and cured. Our stock lengths are the perfect sizes to ship via standard parcel carriers like FedEx and Post. 8 foot long lengths fit under the oversize 3 shipping mark. Oversize 3 goods will all ship at freight rates which start at $120 and rise from there.

Quantity discounts:

  • (10-49 QTY) Save 10%
  • (50-99 QTY) Save 15%
  • (100 QTY) Save 20%
Wholesale Quantities & Assemblies

Large quantity (wholesale quantities), custom length, custom colors, and limited fabrication services available. Inquire and let us quote on your needs. Contact us with Tube or Rod, outer diameter, lengths, color request or stock color, and what fabrication services you may need (drilling holes through, angle cuts, chamfered ends, pencil points). Please also include your name, organization (if any), address, phone number, email address, and any other information you may wish to provide to help us better quote your needs. Save time and money by letting us deliver your assemblies ready for production. We can help you determine what rod or tube best meets your needs and determine a production time based on when the product is scheduled, any fabrications, etc…

About Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. is the number one supplier of fiberglass round hollow tube, square tube and round solid rod to the antenna manufacturing industry. We produce millions of feet a year for hundreds of different industries including but not limited to:  marine / boating, aeronautical, agriculture, construction, emergency services, etc….  We have the unique ability to sell one piece or even a semi-truck full. Feel free to prototype using our fiberglass tube and rod then contact us for a quote on a production run. At production run quantities we can cut to your desired lengths at no additional charge, and we can also perform several different fabrications (example: drilling holes in precise locations along a tube) to ensure your delivered material is ready for assembly. We have several accessory items designed for our fiberglass including but not limited to: couplers, telescoping clamps, ferrules, etc…

Additional information

Shipping WeightN/A
Shipping DimensionsN/A
Outer Diameter

1/8" OD (.125 in) | 3.175 mm

Weight per Linear Foot (lb/ft)



0.5 Foot (6 Inch), 2 Foot, 4 Foot, 8 Foot




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