RF Components

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  • CUSTCAP-01

    Custom Capacitors CEM-7SP L2

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  • CUSTCAP-02

    Custom Capacitors CEM39SP L2

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  • Dow-Key Microwave SPST model 429A-5319 mini RF relay

    Dow-Key Microwave SPST model 429A-5319 mini RF relay

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  • Daico Industries Inc Model CDS0624

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  • DB Products Inc Model 2SF2001

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  • DB Products Inc Model 2SF2001A

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  • Dynatech model D1-413A002-C

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  • Dynatech model D1-413E1-7

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  • Dynatech model D1-413M30LT

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  • Dynatech model D3-413A3

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  • Dynatech model D3-413A3-B

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  • Dynatech model D3-413A30

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  • Dynatech model M3-423E1-T

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  • HP Model 8761B Opt 555

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  • Jay-El DMT Division Model D1-413M300LT A

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  • Jennings Transfer RF Coaxial Relay

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  • K&L Model 9MPT-28-L-O-I-TTL-ITP

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  • K&L Model MS-13008 Rev. F

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  • Micronetics Inc. Model RSM-2D-TTL

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  • RLC Electronics model 12598-S-4044

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