Custom Capacitors CEM-7SP L2


Voltage Rating: 9 KV

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Custom Capacitors CEM-7SP L2

Manufacturer Custom
Manufacturer Part Number CEM-7SP L2
Voltage Rating 9 KV
Other Useful # 7637450P1
Important Dimensions
Max Depth 3.00 in / 76.20 mm
Max Width 2.00 in / 50.80 mm
Max Height 2.00 in / 50.80 mm
Weight 12.20 oz / 346.00 g

NOTE: Coil shown with multiple taps appears to be a multi-stage series filter with multiple inductance / capacitance combinations.

Frequency characteristics unknown. Coil is easily removed if desired.


Additional information

Shipping Weight 13.00 oz
Shipping Dimensions 4.00 × 3.00 × 3.00 in



9 kV




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