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MGS is pleased to announce that we will be offering a LARGE selection of hard to find RF and microwave related items! After many customer requests to expand the very popular “President’s page” section, we have decided to expand the MGS product line to include military and commercial surplus RF and microwave items at VERY affordable prices, and with our famous MGS customer service and satisfaction guarantee. We will also be able to take many payment forms such as Visa and Mastercard, which are not available on the President’s page. Adding these lines to our website will take some time, but watch this section for an ever expanding list of vacuum variable capacitors, vacuum relays, tube sockets, high-end microwave components, and much, much more! If you have these items to sell, email us your list! (Photos helpful)

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  • HN female to HN male Right Angle Adapter (Surplus) – UG-212A/U

    SKU: HN-19-RA-A1Add to cart
  • HN Male to QC for Bird Adapter (Surlus)

    SKU: B-QC-HN-M-A1Add to cart
  • QC for Bird to HN Male Adapter

    SKU: B-QC-HN-M-A2Add to cart
  • HP Model 8761B Opt 555

    SKU: RLY-SMA-43Add to cart
  • Jay-El DMT Division Model D1-413M300LT A

    SKU: RLY-SMA-47Add to cart
  • Jennings RC-5 (SPST contact set only)

    Jennings RC-5 (SPST contact set only)

    SKU: Jennings-RC-5Read more
  • Jennings RP900K4803D26B30 Vacuum Contactor

    Jennings RP900K4803D26B30 Vacuum Contactor

    SKU: Jennings-RP900K4803D26B30Select options
  • Jennings Transfer RF Coaxial Relay

    SKU: Jennings-RC54A6325H24BAdd to cart
  • K&L Model 9MPT-28-L-O-I-TTL-ITP

    SKU: RLY-SMA-79Add to cart
  • K&L Model MS-13008 Rev. F

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  • Micronetics Inc. Model RSM-2D-TTL

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  • mini-UHF Female to QC for Bird Adapter (Surplus)

    SKU: B-QC-MUHF-F-A1Add to cart
  • QC for Bird to mini-UHF Female Adapter (Surplus)

    SKU: B-QC-MUHF-F-A2Add to cart
  • Bird QC to Type N Female Adapter (Surplus)

    SKU: B-QC-N-F-A4Add to cart
  • QC for Bird to Type N Female Adapter (Surplus)

    SKU: B-QC-N-F-A3Add to cart
  • Type N Female to Bird QC Adapter (Surplus)

    SKU: B-QC-N-F-A2Add to cart
  • Type N Female to QC for Bird Adapter (Surplus)

    SKU: B-QC-N-F-A1Add to cart
  • LC-02

    LC-02, LC Female, Panel/Chassis Mount

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  • LC-03

    LC-03, LC Male, Cable End

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  • RLC Electronics model 12598-S-4044

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