Jennings RP900K4803D26B30 Vacuum Contactor


ceramic vacuum contactor, SPST (Normally Open)

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Voltage Ratings
Test Voltage70 KV
Rated Voltage50 KV
Current Rating
Continuous (Amps RMS)200 Amps
Maximum Interrupting Current (Amps)4000
Capacitor Discharge Decaying to 0 in 200 microseconds (kA)100
Contact Resistance (Micro Ohms)200
Contact Capacity (pF)5.5
Contact Inductance (nH)45
Mechanical Life (operations)100,000
Auxiliary ContactsDPDT
Auxiliary Contact (Volts AC RMS)230
Auxiliary Contact Current (Amps RMS)15
Options (Model-Specific)
Contact ArrangementNormally Open
Insulator Length (in.)6
Actuator (Volts)100 VDC
Pull-in Current (Amps)1.60 DC
Hold Current (Amps)0.07 DC
Hold Power (Watts)7.0
Time to Close (msec)40
Break Time (msec)100
Important Dimensions
Max Length6.12 in / 155.45 mm
Max Width5.37 in / 136.4 mm
Max Height21.10 in / 535.94 mm
Weight302.00 oz / 8.5616 kg
Manufacturer’s Data SheetClick Here! – see page 41.

Additional information

Shipping Weight302.00 oz
Shipping Dimensions5.37 × 5.37 × 21.10 in
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