FME Female Connectors

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  • FME-female, cable end, crimp-on, nickel / Delrin for RG-142, LMR-195, LMR-200, RG-316, RG-400, RG-58, RG-58A/U, Belden 7807, Belden 8219, Belden 8259, and Belden 8201 coaxial cable. (P/N: 7906-58)

    FME female Crimp Connector for LMR-195, RG-58, and other 0.195 Inch OD Coax

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  • FME-female, cable end, crimp-on for RG-223 RG-59 LMR-240 and RG-8X mini 8 (P/N: 7906-8X)

    FME female Crimp Connector for RG-223, RG-59, LMR-240, RG-8X mini 8, and other 0.240 Inch OD Coax

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