10 dB Fixed Attenuator (non-locking), Tektronix Part #: 017-044


10 dB Fixed Attenuators (non-locking)

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Single-section, F type resistance pads, for insertion of fixed attenuation in 50-ohm systems and for isolation and matching to 50 ohms over a broad frequency range. Each attenuator consists of one disk and two cylindrical resistors, as shunt and series elements respectively. 50 OHM impedance, non-locking GR-874 connector. Sourced from military surplus lots.

Manufacturer: Tektronix
Manufacturer’s Part Number: 10XT 50ohm 1W, Tektronix 017-044

Accessory of:

Additional information

Shipping Weight 3.90 oz
Shipping Dimensions 3.41 × 0.87 × 0.93 in


Connection Type

Connection Type 2



10 dB


50 OHM


Used, Surplus


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