Comet CV3W-1000F


ceramic, water-cooled, high current vacuum variable capacitor
LAMi-Con series

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Rated Capacitance 100-1000 pf
Peak Voltage 50 KV
Current Amps (RMS) Maximum 521 amps
Shaft Diameter 1/2 inch
Turns for Full Travel Max 36
Important Dimensions
Max Length 18.50 in / 471.00 mm (including shaft, but excluding nozzles on bottom)
Max Diameter 8.19 in / 208.00 mm
Weight 640.00 oz / 18,000 g
12 drilled and tapped holes for front end mounting and 18 drilled and tapped holes for rear end mounting
Condition New / unused old stock
(Other variations of this capacitor are sometimes available, inquire)
CVLA-800A CVLA-1000B CVLA-1000C CVLA-1000D CVLA-1000E
CVLA-1000F CVLA-1260A CVLA-1300A CVLA-1300C CVLA-1560A
CVLA-1600B CVLA-1600C CVLA-1000BW/50-AAE-RV CV3W-1000-0150

Additional information

Weight 640.00 oz
Dimensions 18.19 x 18.19 x 28.50 in


Min Capacitance

Max Capacitance


50 KV

Current Rating

521 Amps

Shaft Diameter

1/2" OD Shaft



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