Model RAV-T14 Deluxe Turns Counting Dial Assembly


Crank style knob with “spinner” grip

Five display digits

Capable of displaying up to 9999.9 turns

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Model RAV-T14 Deluxe Turns Counting Dial Assembly

We are proud to offer this precision turns counting dial, the model RAV-T14 deluxe turns counter assembly. This counter features a crank style knob with “spinner” grip, five display digits, capable of displaying up to 9999.9 turns. The bottom digit displays tenths of a turn for quick, easy, precision re-positioning. Face is metal, featuring black crinkle finish paint. The output shaft on the back is direct drive for positive control, and is 1/4 inch in diameter.

Important Dimensions
Max Length3.50 in / 88.90 mm
Max Diameter2.25 in / 57.15 mm
Weight5.20 oz / 147.42 g
MountingThe counter is furnished WITH a 1/4 inch to 1/4 inch double female shaft coupler for easy connection to vacuum capacitors, variable inductors, or multi-turn potentiometers with 1/4 inch shafts. Mounting screws also furnished.
ConditionNew, in box
Manufacturer’s Data SheetModel RAV-T14 Turns Counting Dial Assembly

Additional information

Shipping Weight5.20 oz
Shipping Dimensions3.50 × 2.25 × 3.50 in


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