Air Variable Capacitor Stock# AC-8


These four gang air variable capacitors are very compact, with wide range possibilities.

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Capacitance4 gangs. Each gang measures about 26 – 84 pf.

The gangs can be connected individually or paralleled in groups by means of gold plated terminals on top and one on the side.

Total range (paralleled) is 104 – 336 pf.

Shaft Diameter3/16 inch
Voltage RatingWe hipot tested the gangs to 800 volts throughout most of the range, except at extreme maximum and extreme minimum settings. At these two points, maximum voltage drops to 500 volts.
MaterialThe case is silver plated (probably brass under the silver) and the gold plated terminals are insulated with G-10 fiberglass board.
Important Dimensions
Max Length4.00 in / 101.60 mm
Max Width1.38 in / 35.05 mm
Max Height1.38 in / 35.05 mm
Weight6.50 oz / 185.00 g
Most 1/4 inch shaft couplings can be used with 3/16 inch shafts, or if necessary, easily “shimmed” with a tiny piece of aluminum sheet or flashing. With two mounting tabs on shaft end.
ConditionRemoved from equipment, checked, and guaranteed

Additional information

Shipping Weight6.50 oz
Shipping Dimensions6.00 × 3.38 × 3.38 in
Max Capacitance


0.8 KV

Shaft Diameter

3/16" OD shaft


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