Alpha Delta Surge Protector Model TT3G50 (SP-01)


Transi-Trap surge protectors by Alpha-Delta Communications model TT3G50

This type is furnished with type “N” female connectors

They are rated for up to 200 watts continuous transmitter output power at frequencies as high as 3 gigahertz

NSN 5920 01 5470278

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Alpha Delta Surge Protector Model TT3G50

The model TT3G50 allows DC control voltages to pass through the device in remote control applications, and also allows for “in circuit” cable sweeps.

Manufacturer Transi-Trap surge protectors by Alpha-Delta Communications, Inc. (a world leader in surge suppression and electronic equipment protection)
Model This is the very broad-band model TT3G50, which has excellent specifications from DC to 3 gigahertz
Defense Logistics Agency National Stock Number NSN 5920 01 5470278
Connection Type Type “N” female connectors
Rating They are rated for up to 200 watts continuous transmitter output power at frequencies as high as 3 gigahertz, and utilize a fast-acting, replaceable ARC-PLUG ™ gas tube module, making the unit easily field repairable after a very large surge.
Important Dimensions
Max Length 1.50 in / 38.10 mm (including the brass cap on top)
Max Diameter 2.375 in / 60.325 mm
Weight 4.50 oz / 127.00 g (as packaged in manufacturer’s original bag with furnished hardware and documentation)

Spec Sheet

Mounting This type is furnished with installation hardware, installation instructions, insertion loss specifications sheet, and mounting illustrations.
Condition Brand new, in original sealed packages
Manufacturer’s Data Sheets TT3G50 Insertion Loss Plots , TT3G50 Specifications , TT3G50 Installation Instructions

NOTE: The TT3G50 is easily changed from the 200 watt version which we are offering for sale to become the 2,000 watt rated version, by simply replacing the gas discharge cartridge. The 2,000 watt cartridge is available direct from Alpha Delta, the manufacturer. (See link to the manufacturer’s website)  The Alpha Delta part number for the 2,000 watt cartridge is 3G50HP. Price as of August, 2008 was quoted at $15.90 each. The 2,000 watt cartridge is less sensitive, in order to permit more transmitted power to pass through without firing, but as a consequence, the 2000 watt cartridge does not provide as great a degree of protection to sensitive equipment as the much more sensitive 200 watt rated cartridge that we supply with our units for sale.  Always use the lowest power rated cartridge you can in order to maximize protection to your equipment.

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Additional information

Shipping Weight 4.50 oz
Shipping Dimensions 1.50 × 2.38 × 1.00 in

Alpha-Delta Communications, Transi-Trap

Connection Type



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