Murata Manufacturing Type DC509 N3300


Doorknob Transmitting Capacitor

Larger / Heavier Duty than the HT-57 series!

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Manufacturer Murata Manufacturing Co.
Material Ceramic
Capacitance 500 pf
Voltage Rating 15 KV
Current Rating 6.8 Amps @ 1 Mhz (estimated)
Important Dimensions
Max Width 1.90 in / 48.15 mm
Max Height 2.80 in / 71.19 mm
Weight 20.80 oz / 0.59 kg
Drilled and tapped for screws on each end
Condition New, old stock

Additional information

Weight 20.80 oz
Dimensions 3.90 x 3.90 x 4.80 in

Murata Manufacturing Co

Max Capacitance


15 KV

Current Rating

6.8 Amps


New, Surplus

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