L-4 Chokes


“Short Bracket” coils measure ~135 microhenries

“Tall Bracket” coils measure ~130 microhenries

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Description: Photo shows 5 of the “short bracket” chokes in foreground and 3 of the “tall bracket” chokes in rear in various positions. US quarter coin shown for size reference.

We have a large supply of these chokes available. These were used in Collins military radio transmitters as plate chokes. These transmitters used three 4CX250B tubes each. The “short bracket” coils measure about 135 microhenries, and have a center tap. The “tall bracket” coils measure about 130 microhenries, and have no center tap. Both are wound on high-quality 3/4″ OD ceramic forms.

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Collins Mechanical Filter


130 Microhenries, 135 Microhenries