7.4 microhenry (µH), L-23 Fixed Inductor


Fixed inductor, dual winding, 7.4 microhenry

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Fixed inductor,  dual winding,  7.4 microhenry

These inductors are 1.6 inch diameter, 11 turns, PLUS 12 turns of 3/4 inch diameter wound on the inside of the larger coil, of silver-plated solid wire of .0625 inch measured thickness. (A very little under 14 gauge standard thickness of .0641 inches). Wound over highest quality fiberglass composite spacers in both planes, with Teflon inserts. Has mounting holes in both ends of one plane.

  • Inductance measured at 7.4 microhenries.
  • Length 3 inches.

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Shipping Dimensions 4.10 × 2.10 × 4.10 in

7.4 Microhenries