Jennings RF41-26N907


ceramic vacuum relay with SPST contacts (Normally Closed).

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(Other variations of this relay are sometimes available, inquire)
Operating Voltage3.6 kV
Peak Voltage4 kV
Current Carry Amps (RMS)12 Amps @ 60 Hz
10 Amps @ 2.5 MHz
7.5 Amps @ 16 MHz
5 Amps @ 32 MHz
Contact Close Speed10 MS (Milliseconds)
Contact Release Speed10 MS (Milliseconds)
Coil Resistance290 Ohms
Coil Voltage26.5 VDC
Important Dimensions
Max Length1.66 in / 42.16 mm
Max Diameter0.55 in / 13.97 mm
Mounting Flange0.67 in / 17 mm
Weight1.00 oz / 28.00 grams
MountingWith small diameter flange for mounting through hole in chassis. An appropriately sized rubber grommet or adhesive could be utilized.
ConditionRemoved from equipment, checked, guaranteed good.

Additional information

Shipping Weight1.00 oz
Shipping Dimensions0.55 × 0.67 × 0.67 in
Coil Voltage

26.5 VDC

Contact Set Configuration


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