Jennings RD6A-26N400

glass vacuum relay with SPST contacts (Normally Closed)

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(Other variations of this relay are sometimes available, inquire)
RD6A-26S RD6B-26S H-9/S21
Operating Voltage 12 kV
Peak Voltage 15 kV
Current Carry Amps (RMS) 15 Amps @ 60 Hz
10 Amps @ 2.5 MHz
6 Amps @ 16 MHz
Contact Close Speed 18 MS (Milliseconds)
Contact Release Speed 8 MS (Milliseconds)
Rated Life Operations 1,000,000
Coil Resistance 265 Ohms
Coil Voltage 26.5 VDC
Important Dimensions
Max Length 3.00 in / 76.20 mm
Max Diameter 1.50 in / 38.10 mm
Weight 3.00 oz / 85.05 g
Mounting Permanently attached 3 hole flange mount. Also supplied with custom aluminum mounting bracket at no additional charge (Easily removed if desired).
Condition Used, removed from equipment. Guaranteed good

Additional information

Shipping Weight 16 oz
Shipping Dimensions 3.00 × 1.50 × 1.50 in
Coil Voltage

26.5 VDC

Contact Set Configuration


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