Heat Dissipating Plate Cap #3


custom-made all-aluminum heat dissipating plate caps

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Smaller Version of our super high efficiency Plate cap # 2

Maximum Diameter: 1.00 in. / mm.
Maximum Height: 1.25 in. / 31.75 mm. (not including the screw on top for plate lead attachment)

Compatibility: Fits smaller tubes such as the 3-500Z, 4-400A and others with same plate post size of 3/16 inch, (0.1875 inch or 4.76 mm).

Mounting: The factory-supplied, low-efficiency plate post terminal MUST be removed for this super high efficiency version to be installed directly onto the metal post protruding out of the glass at the top of the tube. Cap nests down on plate post about 1/4 inch, so height above plate post will be about 1 inch, when installed.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 1.80 oz
Shipping Dimensions 3.23 × 1.42 × 0.78 in


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