Fluted Original Tuning Knob (WITHOUT white indicator pointer line)


Fluted Original Tuning Knob (WITHOUT white indicator pointer line) Brand NEW. Make your radio look like new! Large quantities available for production runs.


WITHOUT white indicator pointer line

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Fluted Original Tuning Knob (WITHOUT white indicator pointer line)

These BRAND NEW, hard to find, fluted original tuning knobs, are used in MANY of the top tier amplifiers, antenna tuners, and other amateur radio gear including the following brands: Ameritron, Amp Supply, Amp International, Clegg, Dentron, Drake, Hallicrafters, Swan, etc. This is only a partial listing of the hundreds of radios and other electronics gear that use large knobs of this style! Note again that this knob does NOT have the white indicator pointer line.

Body Phenolic (Glossy finish and VERY durable)
Insert Solid machined brass (For increased durability and grip of set screw on shaft)
Set Screw 1/16 in hex screw
Important Dimensions
Skirt Diameter 2.00 in / 50.80 mm
Height 0.89 in / 22.61 mm
Shaft Diameter 0.25 in / 6.35 mm
Weight 1.38 oz / 39.00 g
Condition BRAND NEW, glossy finish

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Knob Quad 800x800 - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

Shaft parts to work with knobs

Shaft Parts Quad - Max-Gain systems, Inc
Shaft Parts

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Additional information

Shipping Weight 1.38 oz
Shipping Dimensions 0.90 × 2.00 × 1.00 in


Set Screw

1/16" Hex Screw


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