Eimac SK-500 tube socket


Chimney clips not included

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Eimac SK-500 Air-System socket, cast aluminum body (chimney clips not included)

Max. Length: 7.1875 in. / 182.5625 mm.
Max. Width: 5.5000 in. / 139.7000 mm.
Max. Height: 3.0810 in. / 78.2574 mm.
Weight: 27.8000 oz. / 788.1167 g.

Compatibility: Designed for use with the 4-1000A, 4000, and 4PR1000A tetrode and SK-506 Glass Air Flow Chimney

  • Must be connected to an air-blower via the socket air-inlet, accepts 2 OD inch tubing or fitting

Mounting: Requires 3.75 inch diameter hole through the chassis with 4 x #9 drilled holes every 90 degrees

  • Use the 4 drilled and tapped holes for #10-32 machine screws (not included) that are used to secure the chimney spring clips above the chassis and the socket body below the chassis.

Condition: Removed from equipment, checked, and guaranteed.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 27.80 oz
Shipping Dimensions 7.19 × 5.50 × 3.09 in




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