10 cm Constant-Impedance Adjustable Air Lines (locking), General Radio Part #: 874-LK10L


10 cm Constant-Impedance Adjustable Air Lines (locking)

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Line stretchers with a very low SWR and a uniform characteristic impedance of 50 OHM. Especially useful for eliminating the usual Smith-chart corrections for length of line between unknown and impedance-measuring device. Also useful as impedance-matching transformers and phase-adjustment elements in coaxial systems. Most useful at frequencies above that for which the length of adjustment is a half wavelength. 50 OHM impedance, locking GR-874 connector. Sourced from military surplus lots.

General Radio Part #: 874-LK10L

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Shipping Weight 10.40 oz
Shipping Dimensions 13.81 × 0.83 × 0.83 in

General Radio

Connection Type

Connection Type 2



50 OHM


Used, Surplus


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