Fixed Vacuum Capacitors

MGS is pleased to announce that we are an authorized reseller of all of the top brands of fixed vacuum capacitors! We sell Jennings , Comet, Greenstone, Dolinko & Wilkens, English Electric Valve (EEV), and Amperex Capacitors. We are also the largest supplier of their out of production capacitors as well as used capacitors to meet any need. We have stock of capacitors in the widest range of capacitance, voltages, and sizes. Don’t see the capacitor with the characteristics you need? Give us a call @ 770-973-6251 and we can find one that will get it done.

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  • Jennings JCSL-2000-5S 800x800 - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

    2000 pf, 5 KV Peak, Jennings JCSL-2000-5S Fixed Vacuum Capacitor

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  • Jennings CFHP-1000-60N585 800x800 - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

    1000 pf, 60KV Peak, Jennings CFHP-1000-60N585 Fixed Vacuum Capacitor

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  • Comet CFMN-2000BBC7-DE-G NEW 800x800 - Max-Gain Systems Inc

    2000 pf, 7KV Peak, Comet CFMN-2000BBC/7-DE-G NEW Fixed Vacuum Capacitor

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  • Photo Coming Soon - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

    2000 pf, 7.5KV Peak, Jennings CFDP-2000-7.5S Fixed Vacuum Capacitor

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  • Comet CFMN-2200BAC7-DE-G NEW 800x800 - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

    2200 pf, 7KV Peak, Comet CFMN-2200BAC/7-DE-G NEW Fixed Vacuum Capacitor

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  • Jennings CFDP-2300-0015 NEW 800x800 - Max-Gain Systems Inc

    2300 pf, 15KV Peak, Jennings CFDP-2300-0015 NEW Fixed Vacuum Capacitor

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  • Comet CFMN-2500BAC5-DE-G 800x800 - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

    2500 pF, 5 kV Peak, Comet CFMN-2500BAC/5-DE-G Fixed Vacuum Capacitor

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  • Comet CFMN-2800BAC-8-DE-G 800x800 - Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

    2800 pF, 8 kV Peak, Comet CFMN-2800BAC/8-DE-G Fixed Vacuum Capacitor

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