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All About MGS

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. carries a complete line of fiberglass rods for use as harvester beater bars on all kids of harvesting equipment. We are quite unique in that we sell our wide product line in small (even single piece!) retail quantities, which allows individuals and hobbyists, as well as industry prototyping research personnel, to economically try multiple possibilities before buying larger quantities.

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. is the top wholesale supplier of fiberglass tube and rod to the best-known names in antenna manufacturing, both in the ham radio and military markets. We supply more fiberglass tube and rod to more antenna manufacturers than any company in the world. We also supply fiberglass to many other industries and uses, such as nursery stakes, ultralight aircraft, tool handles, tents, driveway markers, towed aircraft banners, electrical utilities, universities, national laboratories, concrete reinforcement, hinge pins, recreational vehicles, and the inventor with an idea for a new product. We are a unique source for sleeving adjacent sizes, in stock, and in even single piece quantity for prototyping! No need to pay for mill-runs just to see if a prototype will work. Our contacts and relationships allow us to provide a superior product, at lower cost, with the lowest minimums in the industry, while maintaining the capability and capacity for larger orders that can be millions of linear feet. Let us quote on your needs!

The “MGS” Advantage

We can research and locate fiberglass products needed for your manufacturing and, in many cases, suggest alternate or lower-cost solutions. Quantities for wholesale / OEM price breaks can be surprisingly small, and custom colors and lengths are possible as well.

Knowledgeable Staff – Staff that know our product through practical real world use. They know how our product will react to forces applied, environments, and uses. Call us @ 770-973-6251 and tell us your use! We can make a recommendation or give you further reassurance that your selection will work.

Lowest Cost – We have worked out an industry leading, cost saving supply chain that we pass along to our customers by providing our products at the lowest price in the industry.

Lowest Mill Run Minimums – We have the lowest minimum footage requirement in the industry for custom length product runs. Let us quote on your needs!

Capacity for the Largest Orders – We have the machine capacity and capability for even the largest product runs. Need a million plus feet? No problem! Let us quote on your needs!

Made 100% in the USA – Our fiberglass tube and rods are 100% made in the United Sates of America.

Inquire by email or telephone (770-973-6251)

Hours are 7:00 am to 4:00 pm Eastern time, Monday – Friday.

We sell both retail and wholesale, any quantity… one piece or a truckload!
Wholesale fiberglass tube and wholesale fiberglass rod available!

We do cut fiberglass, if you wish, at a small charge . For details, as well as some useful cutting notes, CLICK HERE .

Fiberglass Beater Bar Features

pultruded fiberglass flexibility test
1. Flexible & High Strength for long life

– Designed to flex without cracking.

– Hundreds of strands of glass fibers combine with resin to form a superior and longer lasting product.


2. Variety with Consistency

– Innovative material allows you to manipulate it in many ways to fit your purpose and need.

– Rainbow of colors available in quantity Inquire

Fiberglass Cutting

3. Easily Fabricated and Easy to Install

– Fiberglass (FRP) is easily fabricated using proper tools with carbide, diamond, fine toothed, or abrasive tip blades.

– Fiberglass (FRP) is a lighter weight material allowing for ease of installation and less risk of injury or fatigue.
4. Highest Quality manufactured in the U.S.A.

– 25+ years of providing the highest quality product, and made in the U.S.A.

– Competitive pricing with many options available Inquire


Many stocked sizes and colors listed below. No order minimums and many orders ship within 24 hours!

Single piece retail pricing below. BIG SAVINGS in increasing quantity and wholesale pricing available Inquire
Wholesale fiberglass tube and wholesale fiberglass rod available! If you require large quantity, special pricing applies. Let us quote on your needs. At wholesale quantities, limited fabrication services are available at a slight additional charge.

Round Solid Rod

Be sure to know the outer diameter of the rod you require. We stock lengths in 2, 4, and 8 foot long pieces that can be easily cut to any length you require with common tools.

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