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Bird Wattmeter Meter QC

This page has everything Bird Watt Meter QC, from connectors and adapters to coax jumpers, meters, elements, and surplus.

After looking at this page dedicated to our  connectors and adapters for use with Bird (and similar) wattmeters and line sections, BE CERTAIN to visit our main RF connector and adapter page, here:  Our main page has hundreds of hard to find types and combinations, including adapters for reverse polarity, GPS, and Wi-fi applications! Again, all top quality, and lowest prices!


Bird Watt Meter QC
QC Male QC Plug Bird QC Male Bird QC Plug Bird Wattmeter QC Male Bird Wattmeter QC Plug Bird Watt Meter Quick Connect Male Bird Watt Meter Quick Connect Plug
Bird Watt Meter QC Male
QC Female QC Jack Bird QC Female Bird QC Jack Bird Wattmeter QC Female Bird Wattmeter QC Jack Bird Watt Meter Quick Connect Female Bird Watt Meter Quick Connect Jack
Bird Watt Meter QC Female
The above pictures are from our " Connector and Adapter Identification Page ." We assemled this comprehensive list if you need additional information on the many type of connector

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Bird Wattmeter Meter QC


UHF female for Bird (and similar) wattmeter line sections
Stock No. 9100
$12.00 each


N female for Bird (and similar) wattmeter line sections

Stock No. 9101
$12.00 each



Bird Connector Accessories

SO-239 female Protective cap
(also fits Type N female
and Microphone connectors)

Stock No. 7510
$1.00 each



Bird Watt Meter QC Surplus Connectors, Adapters, and Jumpers

Most of these are "removed from military equipment", and therefore are top quality, mil-spec types! All are guaranteed to be in very good, serviceable condition, and are always guaranteed to your satisfaction. We offer refund or exchange (less only shipping and packing) on ALL of our connectors and adapters if not delighted, for any reason!

NOTE: Not all of these connectors / adapters are available at all times. While we do obtain them on a recurring basis, their availability should be verified before ordering.

E:\Main\Max-Gain\New Work\Bird\B-QC-HN-F.JPG
Bird QC to HN female
Stock No. B-QC-HN-F
$19.00 each
E:\Main\Max-Gain\New Work\Bird\B-QC-HN-M.JPG
Bird QC to HN male
Stock No. B-QC-HN-M
$29.00 each
Bird QC to Mini-UHF female
Stock No. B-QC-MUHF-F
$15.00 each
E:\Main\Max-Gain\New Work\Bird\B-QC-N-F.jpg
Bird QC to N female
Stock No. B-QC-N-F
$12.00 each
E:\Main\Max-Gain\New Work\Bird\B-QC-N-M.JPG
Bird QC to N male
Stock No. B-QC-N-M
$10.00 each
E:\Main\Max-Gain\New Work\Bird\B-QC-TNC-F.JPG
Bird QC to TNC female
Stock No. B-QC-TNC-F
$10.00 each
E:\Main\Max-Gain\New Work\Bird\CC-BDC-CUT.JPG
Bird DC cut with 5 inches of RG-58/U coaxial cable
Stock No. CC-BDC-CUT
$9.00 each

Bird Parts

Each low power directional coupler contains two RF diodes. Some contain type 1N21B, some contain 1N21WE.

Datasheet for 1N21WE:

1N21WE: Microwave detector diodes, gold pins, attached flange ( has field reversible polarity ),  S-X band detector, usable to over 9GHz, very low noise figure (7dB) at both bands compared to regular series parts.

These directional couplers have type BNC female connectors, and include DC output connectors and short lengths of wire for easy re-use. Manufacturers and their respective part numbers are included for your reference, below.

Amphenol North America, Danbury , CT model 307-11062

Microwave Devices, Inc. Franklin , IN model 576BP

Automatic Metal Products Corp., Commack , NY model DC-4004-T

Stock No. Coupler-02 
(specify manufacturer if you have preference)
$22.50 each (5+ price $19.00 each!)

The Bird model 423078-2 single port line section is the "sampling" unit used to insert in the coaxial line (uses "quick connect" connectors of appropriate type on each end to accept coax line), sending the DC voltage to the remotely mounted meter to provide accurate power measurements. This line section is the same type used in the popular Bird model 43 wattmeter. Accessories and connectors / adapters for this section sold separately on this page.

Material: Heavy Silver Plating
Depth: 1.25 in / 31.75 mm
Width: 3.663 in / 31.75 mm
Height: 1.925 in / 48.89 mm
Weight: 15.5 oz / 440 g
Condition: Removed from equipment / excellent

Stock No. BIRD-LS-01
$69.00 each

Genuine Bird Electronics Corp. Replacement Meters

Bird Part # 2120.015T

For wattmeters requiring 20 microamp meter movements. Scale reads 500/150/50/15/5 watts full scale. This meter will not read correctly if used with elements designed for use with the more standard 30 microamp meter movements.

Stock No. BIRD-MTR-01
$59 each

Bird Part # 20023

Replacement meter for the famous Bird model 43 wattmeter.

Important: These meters are the standard 30 microamp full scale movement, but the scale is different - 15/60/2.5 scales, which were made for the F.A.A. (Federal Aviation Administration) - and not the more standard 25/50/100 scale, common in civilian versions. These meters are sealed and the scales cannot be changed.

These meters will read accurately with elements that are the same as the scale, for example, with 60 watt or 2.5 watt elements, or multiples of 60, 2.5, or 15.

Stock No. BIRD-MTR-02
$49 each
( Several styles available - our choice)

Genuine Bird wattmeter elements (slugs)

These elements are marked "4610" and "741".   The 4610 series elements are designed for the extra large,  high-power (up to 50 kw maximum!)  Bird line sections for use with the larger 100 microamp Bird meters.  They may also be used with the Bird panel-mounted "Wattcher" system, such as the model 3127.  These elements will NOT read accurately with the more common 30 microamp meters as used in the Bird model 43 wattmeters. These elements are 1500 watts full scale, 400-1000 Mhz.

New, old stock.
Order as : Bird 4610 / 741 elements
$49 each


Bird wattmeter elements (slugs)
Bird type 5L, 5 watts,
1.7 - 2.2 GHz
Stock No. Element-05

Struthers type 503E-5, 5
watts, 200-500 MHz
(These Struthers elements work
fine in the Bird model 43.)
MANY of these Struthers
elements in stock! Special pricing!
Stock No. Element-06
Bird type 10,000B, 10,000 watts,
50-125 MHz Peak mode,
CW mode 1000 watts Like new.
Stock No. Element-07
Bird 10 Kw, 50-125 MHz
(peak mode), 1000 watts
max average power.
Stock No. Element-09
Bird type 437-15 10 Kw,
62-66 MHz
Stock No. Element-10
Bird type 437-17 10 Kw,
62-66 MHz with small calibration
hole in face plate.
Stock No. Element-11
Bird type 25L, 25 watts,
1.7 - 2.2 GHz
Stock No. Element-13
Bird type DPM-50L1, 50 watts,
1700-1990 Mhz . Late model,
black label.
Stock No. Element-14
Bird type 425-2, 100 watts , 88-108 Mhz . (Probably for the FAA
type Bird watt meters with 6/ 60/600 watt scales, but we are not certain.
Stock No. Element-15



To order, use our secure online order form , or call us Monday through Friday 7 AM - 4 PM Eastern time at 770-973-6251 . You may also print the order form using your browser's print button and fax your order to us at 815-461-7730 .


We normally ship connector and adapter orders via priority post flat-rate boxes, as the cheapest / best method for USA domestic shipments. We can ship anything that will fit (even the small flat-rate box can fit over 100 PL-259 connectors!) for a very low flat rate postage charge plus a flat rate packing charge of $2.00 per order.  We supply delivery confirmation on Priority Mail shipments at no extra charge. We also ship via FedEx ground, and $100 in insurance (and tracking) is provided at no extra charge. FedEx ground is usually best option on heavier shipments. (If you have a shipping preference, just let us know.) We will be happy to quote shipping cost before shipping your order if you request.  International customers inquire for shipping options and quotes.

Duties, customs charges, VAT, and / or brokerages fees, (if any might apply for your country) are impossible for the shipper to determine, and are ALWAYS the responsibility of the purchaser. International customers agree to pay any and all additional charges that may be billed to cover these items.

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