Stainless Steel Coupler Parts for Fiberglass Round Solid Rod and Tube


Stainless Steel Coupler Parts for Fiberglass Round Solid Rod and Tube

Select you Rod / Tube diameter and which gender you need. If you want a mating set, be sure to add both one male and one female.


Stainless Steel Couplers for Fiberglass, Round, Solid Rod and Tube.

Couple the following:

1 inch OD Rods and Tubes

.75 inch OD Rods and Tubes

Designed for use with our Shallow Water Boat Anchor Systems, these hand lathed couplers, are strong enough for any use you can come up with. With their fine threading, they screw together easily, seat together very tightly, and are stronger than the rods and tubes themselves. Rest assured that these will stand the test of time and use.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide


Don’t have a Max-Gain Systems DIY Anchor system? Add capability to your existing anchor!

Follow these steps:
1.) Measure the diameter of your anchor rod
2.) Go to this link Make your current anchor modular
3.) select your rod diameter and Add to your Cart both a Male and Female Coupler
4.) You will need a fine toothed hacksaw OR an abrasive cut off wheel on an angle grinder or in a miter saw. Cut your current anchor about 6 inches below the handle (recommended location) or wherever you would like. (Be sure to make your cut straight)
5.) Use JB Weld Original Cold Weld Formula as shown in this Installation Guide
6.) Allow the epoxy to set and you have made your existing system into a modular system.

Once your system is modular, you can expand on it with our Extension Kits and our Paddle Kits.

Additional information

Shipping Weight N/A
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Female, Male

ID (Nom)

3/4" ID, 1" ID


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